“Half of the inheritance to the son? Forced by law. He wanted to disinherit him.”

“Half of the inheritance to the son? Forced by law. He wanted to disinherit him.”

the Will of Gina Lollobrigida has been opened. The singer, who died on January 16, left half of her inheritance (which could amount to 10 million euros) to her son. Andrea Milko Scovic And his assistant Andrea Piazzola, the man who has always been by her side for the last 13 years of her life even against the will of the family. «I still don’t realize anything has happened to me. Hearing the commandments makes me feel a little nauseous. She wished to leave nothing to her son and was carrying out this plan. Gina always said The remainder, if it is zero, then it will be zero. She always told everyone bluntly that she didn’t want to leave things with Milko. She was behind the auction, she wanted to sell her items». The singer Real returns to talk about Will on TV, and this morning he does it on Storie Italiane.

Gina Lollobrigida, Piazzolla’s assistant, gives up the inheritance? “I won’t take a penny, it’s all for trust”

Gina Lollobrigida, half of the assets for Piazzola

Piazzolla, accused of defrauding an incompetent person and of auctioning off Lollo’s assets, continues his vocal defense: «He was in great shape. There is so much evidence that I didn’t get over it, I’m going to put it to trial. I have nothing to do with this and Gina’s will. For Gina, it was important to preserve artwork, structures, images… those out of will».

Gina Lollobrigida, Will opened: This is who the actress’ assets go to

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The truth about auctions

The assistant explains the truth about auctions for Storie Italiane: «Signora Lollobrigida had desires to do things, she saw interference in her private life. I’m calm and quiet, I haven’t auctioned anything from Gena. There were about 150 items up for auction, while 2-3,000 items were in storage. She didn’t want to sell it all together but was phasing things out so that she would be left with nothing for her son. The auction catalog of Mrs. Lollobrigida’s will reported that when the prosecutor heard it, she did not feel like telling her things».

Gina Lollobrigida, ex-husband of Regao: «Origins? I’m not interested, I’m rich in the family.

Attorney: Confession

But today the singer’s lawyer, Ingroia, also intervenes in Rai’s program and provides the viewers with details that have never been revealed: «Gina asked me how she could do this to deprive her son, I replied that Italian law does not provide for such a decision, so I complied with the law. In the absence of a will, however, the direct heirs are entitled to 100% of the assets, however, in the case of a will, only 50% can go, while the other 50% can be disposed of as one wishes».

Gina Lollobrigida, Andrea Piazzolla’s assistant, recalls the last days of the singer: «She had a kidney blockage after a CT scan. I wanted to donate a kidney to her.”

Actually, therefore, Gina did not want to give anything to her son, as confirmed by her lawyer, so much so that in life she would try several times to dispose of her possessions, especially her artwork to which she was so deeply attached. “One of her biggest fears was related to the fact that the support officer her son had imposed on her could take over her assets himself. Gina left 50% of what she could dispose of to Andrea Piazzola in her will. It’s 100% of what she had at her disposal. Law left 50% to Melco. 50% of all goes to Milko, not 50% of the 50% that Lollobrigida provides »».

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Ingroia then confirms Piazzolla’s words to Storie Italiane: Lollobrigida wanted to sell everything at auction so as not to leave anything for her son Mirko. «Such was the relationship between mother and son, especially after Melko sided with Rigau and asked for a ban, which later turned into a support department. Even the cardiologist confirmed that Gina did not want to leave anything to her son. I’m evaluating the facts, I’m not a Piazzolla defender but that’s the reality».

The son’s lawyer: “Piazzola is still pending on charges of impotent fraud.”

“As long as Mrs. Lollobrigida’s assets are in protective custody, Mr. Piazzola cannot dispose of them.” So lawyer Michele Gentiloni Silveri, lawyer for Melco and Dimitri Scović to Adnkronos shortly after the preliminary hearing in the court that sees the fact of Bersagliera Andrea Piazzolla accused of defrauding a person unable “because he submitted to the art auction house – the lawyer explains – a series of buildings belonging to Ms. Lollobrigida , furniture that she would not have given because she was waiting for an inventory by the support department.” “According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office – Gentiloni continued – this property could have been handed over to the auction house without Mrs. Lollobrigida’s knowledge.” In today’s session, the lawyer recounts: “The public prosecutor presented to the judge what Mrs. Lollobrigida, who was questioned before her death, declared. Ironically, Piazzolla’s defense opposed presenting the document, but the judge rejected the opposition and took these statements. The trial was postponed to June and will begin with defense witnesses.

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“Today the hearing was scheduled for Ms. Lollobrigida, who unfortunately passed away – Bersaguilera’s son’s lawyer continues – so the public prosecutor handed over to the judge what he had already gathered during the preliminary investigations. In our view, Lollobrigida’s remarks are key because she said during cross-examination: ‘For God’s sake, I didn’t want to give anything to the auction house. I was told that this property had been placed in a warehouse to provide jobs. And they will return. As for the will of the actress, the lawyer does not want to say much: «It is a matter of civil law. At the moment, the family does not want to release affidavits until after a trial that will clarify the situation.” According to the charge sheet, Gentiloni explains: “Piazzolla isolates Mrs. Lollobrigida from her circle of loved ones and then makes her take biased measures, if this turns out to be true and Piazzolla is found guilty — the lawyer concludes – to make up a large sum.

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