Donatella Rettori, fans expressed concern about the video in the hospital after the operation

Donatella Rettori, fans expressed concern about the video in the hospital after the operation

Those are the hours of anxiety that fans feel Donatella Rector She is experiencing a state of anxiety after a video clip spread on social media – which was later deleted – in which the artist announced that he had undergone surgery. The singer underwent carpal tunnel surgery, but when she appeared on her personal pages on social media to greet her followers and reassure everyone of her current health condition, what fans saw did not reassure them at all. So because of the many comments He worriesThe video has been removed from the web and the artist’s followers are now wondering if Ritor is okay.

the operation

Three years after her breast lump removal surgery, Ritor returned to the clinic, but this time for a more common problem. In the past few hours, Donatella Rettori, 68 years old, underwent surgery to intervene To the carpal tunnel, a routine surgery at the day hospital, which had been planned for some time. Although the process is certainly simple and quick, the Rector’s previous clinical ailments are a former cancer patient who suffers from it thalassemia – However, they raised the level of interest in the operation, which had positive results. The singer did not leak anything from social media so as not to worry her fans, but at the end of the speech she decided to appear on Instagram to give a short greeting, but the pictures worried the audience.

Video of the head of the hospital

In the video, published in the afternoon, showed Ritori in a wheelchair with a surgical cap on her head, a mask over her face, and an isothermal blanket over her. What frightened many of her fans was the condition of the artist who, in the short film that was probably recorded just after she came out of the operating room, was clearly confused, with a dull look and an indistinct drug It still needs to be disposed of. In the social video, Donatella Rettori muttered a few words – as if she wanted to talk about her dogs Lupo, Collins and Tigre – while the post was captioned: “Carpal tunnel surgery is over… and now the recovery phase“In fact, the video sparked such panic among followers, who began commenting with concern, that the artist’s staff decided to take action by removing the content. Allow more time for Ritori to recover, before asking her to register a new account. message Likewise, it would certainly have been a wiser choice. Now her supporters are hoping that she will get back in shape soon.

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