Big Brother VIP Follow the nineteenth episode

Big Brother VIP Follow the nineteenth episode

Many surprises this evening: the former Vippona Clizia Incorvaia will come home to meet and say her sister Micol. On various attacks on VIPs. On the other hand, Patricia Rossetti will experience great affection and will have the opportunity to listen to her father’s words.

The feeling between Wilma and Danielle – All the VIPs are finally home, except for Alberto De Pesis who is still positive. Wilma de Angelis in particular is happy to be home as she is increasingly attached to Danielle Dal Moro, who is 40 years her junior. “I’ve rediscovered feelings I thought were dormant,” she admits. A feeling that worries Patrizia Rossetti, because she is afraid that her friend will suffer. “Wilma and I are adults, we know how far we can go. We have a harmony I rarely experience, and we have a special relationship,” explains Daniele.

Antonino on Oriana: “It’s superficial” – The overwhelming passion between Oriana and Antonino. Between the two VIPs, the physical attraction soon turned into frost. It was Spinalbis who relented, who after some attitudes from the Venezuelan realized that she was too superficial to be on her side and on her daughter’s side. “It’s impossible to go back. When I opened up to her, I felt like a seizure,” the hairstylist reveals. “I’m sick, I still love it,” Oriana frankly admits.

Jennifer’s return – Jennifer Lamborghini returns home to meet Antonella and Oriana. The two women did not say kind words to her, and the moment of reckoning came. First he confronts Fiordelesi, to whom she apologizes for questioning her feelings with Eduardo. Oriana, on the other hand, does not understand why Ginevra would be associated with Spinalbes if she had a boyfriend abroad: “Maybe she would like to be there under the quilt with Antonino”.

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The meeting with Antonino – It’s time for the meeting between Antonino and Ginevra, to the delight of the hairdresser who is happy to find his special friend again. Oriana, who is black with Spinalbese, interrupted them: “I don’t want to see this scene, it seems like nothing happened to me. I don’t want to see anything.” Even once she returns home, the South American is unable to calm down and even runs afoul of columnist Sonia Bruganelli, who can’t believe her tears. Also of the same opinion is Oretta Bertie: “I love Oriana very much, she is a natural actress.”

Mikul between friends and foes – Micol and Giaele are more and more accomplices, to the point of suspecting something more than friendship. “There is an official statement from Gialli,” confirms Attilio Romita. Incorvaia’s relationship with Wilma Goich and Patrizia Rossetti is different, as they do not let her pass. They admit: “Maybe we exaggerated, but he didn’t come to talk to us.”

Clizia is in the house – her sister Clizia arrives to her defense, who showers her with compliments and brings her all the love of the family. But then he asked to speak to Wilma and Patrizia: “I’m sorry that two great women like you are targeting a girl. Why so gratuitous malice?”

Nikita and Luka: a couple for strategy? Inside the house Nikita Bellizzone and Luca Onestini are getting closer and closer. However, his fellow adventurers are suspicious. With Antonella, on the other hand, the cold continues and Nikita makes a very nasty joke about the athlete’s body. “It comes out slowly,” Fjordelesi replies, “she’s very good at controlling herself.” However, Nikita collects the support of the audience, which elects her favorite and escapes from the nomination.

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immunogen and filter – In addition to Nikita and Tavasi, the Champions of the Week are Luca Onstini, Daniele Dal Moro, Luca Salatino, Antonino and Oriana. Micol, Wilma, Luciano and Patrizia are the most voted in the Chamber of Deputies and are nominated.

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