Sophia Cole ('Eufòria') made her debut as the presenter of a nail 'talent show'

Sophia Cole ('Eufòria') made her debut as the presenter of a nail 'talent show'

BarcelonaBeing the queen of the showtrance To try my luck as an introduction. Sofia Cole, who will appear next week at the Benidorm festival to bid for Eurovision, will make her debut on Friday as a presenter with… Epic nailsnew Talent program Which will be seen in 3Cat and for which she qualifies herself coni For promotions that have been made. The goal of the program is to find the best nail stylist, who will receive a prize of 15,000 euros to start his career and, incidentally, go out in search of new audiences that are unusual for the Catalan public company. a Epic nails You will see very long nails, fresh and full of details that are considered an artistic expression rather than a stylistic choice for everyday life.

Extreme and imaginative manicure has become a staple of the styles of many singers, such as Rosalía and Bad Gyal. Many of these artists have passed through the hands of Deborah Figueras, the art authority Nail art Who will be a member of the show's judging panel alongside former contestant Joan Lianotrance Like Coll and the professional manicurist. The program will start with eight applicants – amateur and semi-professional fashion designers – who will compete to reach the final, in which only three applicants will remain. In the last batch a couple ofInfluencers They will join the judging panel to determine the winner.

In search of creativity

Technique and creativity will be the elements that will be most appreciated by the jury, which will decide who will pass or fail the tests that will be in each program. As detailed by Coll, all tests will be linked to current issues. Epic nails It marks the debut as a presenter for the singer who closed the door just a year ago trance. “I'm really loving this new side of me. It's something I never thought I'd do and it's so much fun. The show also has a very subtle aesthetic part that I was able to be a part of and it was so fun,” he explained in Blue print About this new career stage.

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The new format will consist of six 30-minute episodes, and each episode will have a winner, Epic Nail, And the loser, Epic Fail, will have to leave the Hall of Claws, the place where the competition takes place. Aside from the contestants, the centerpiece of the space will be the nail models that will pass through the hands of the applicants and who in many cases have emotional stories to share. There will be rugby players, farm women, people with hand deformities and even the fingernails that Quincy uses in the music video for her new song. The idea of ​​the show is that the relationship between contestants, jurors and models generates an atmosphere that allows a new look at the concerns and anxieties of Generation Z.

The days leading up to the premiere, Epic nails He witnessed controversy over the authorship of the format. Journalist Eva Sebastian posted a video on TikTok in which she demanded that she and another colleague – who preferred to remain anonymous – be recognized in the credits as the people who came up with the idea and named the show, when they were working in digital media. Deputy, with whom Minoria Absoluta maintained a cooperation agreement. The production company considers the format to work together Deputy It has evolved since Digital Media closed the Iberian division in 2020, and in any case, the business relationship was with the company, and not with specific workers. With the demise of the digital medium, Minoria kept the solo project as agreed upon. The production company defends this Epic nails It's not the first Talent program Focused on the world of nails and that a large number of other professionals have been involved in the development after 2020.

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The latest changes, such as the addition of Sophia Cole as presenter, align with her landing on 3Cat, because the audience also participated in fine-tuning the show to adapt it to the platform. Previously when Deputy He was still working in Spain and the alliance with the absolute minority was in force, Epic nails It was about to be bought by RTVE, which backed out at the last minute. The project was also shown on Netflix, without success.

“The 3Cat platform allows us to make niche and riskier bets that seek to find different audiences than the ones we have traditionally had at TV3,” explains Adrià Serra, Head of Digital Content and Multimedia at 3Cat. “exactly Epic nails It was a format that had a point of risk and difference, and was very attractive to a younger audience.” The director points out that although the subject matter may seem exotic, it is completely rooted in the reality of the country: “Catalonia was part of the avant-garde Nail art “And made modern by Rosalía and Bad Gyal.”

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