This fight hurts everyone.”

This fight hurts everyone.”

“There’s a lot of talk about wine and its supposed danger these days. It’s good to inform the public, but sensationalism hurts everyone, consumers and producers alike. Especially if that sensationalism is being done by women and men of science where I look to.” These are the statements of Confagricoltura Puglia President Luca Lazzàro about the controversy that has arisen over the drink most associated with human history after water. A press release reads: “The wines produced in Puglia have a total value of 395 million euros per year. Most of these sales come from foreign markets. In 2021, Puglia companies – according to data processed by the Confraagricoltura study center – export all over the world. the world for almost 209 million euros. Apart from the economic factor, wine has a very strong identity and cultural value, and for many doctors and nutritionists moderate consumption is good for you.

Lazzàro continues: “We all agree on the need to encourage the moderate consumption of wine and all alcoholic beverages, which, moreover, must also be taken with soft drinks and particularly sugary fruit juices, but to tell you how my compatriot, Professor Antonella Viola, has made that the only safe amount of alcohol for consumption is zero and that it is possibly a carcinogenic liquid and that drinking two glasses of wine causes the brain to shrink The science is unequivocally clear, because seeing the battle between doctors and scientists has shifted from the topic of Covid to unnecessary wine does not harm consumers, producers and Italy, which is A country linked economically to the alcoholic beverage (14 billion sales per year) and culturally.”

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Confagricoltura remembers the numbers related to wine: Puglia with more than 9 million hectoliters (11 percent of the national value) is Italy’s second region of production after Veneto (11,717,223 hectoliters). Italy is the largest producer of wine in the world: almost a fifth of the wine produced globally comes from our country, 18.5 percent to be exact.

“In general, we at Confagricoltura are very concerned about the aberration of the ban that the wine sector is facing within the European Union. As our National President Massimiliano Giansanti has pointed out, the Commission has not listened to the reservations made by Italy and other Member States opposing the measures introduced by the Irish legislation, which creates a dangerous precedent and an obstacle Potential in front of the internal trade “, concludes Lazzaro.

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