Enzo Iacchetti, the dark evil of his life: “I carry a very heavy cross”

Enzo Iacchetti, the dark evil of his life: “I carry a very heavy cross”
Enzo Iacchetti – Source: Mediaset video screenshot – Belligea.it

Enzo Iacchetti and that revelation that left everyone speechless, and that no one could have imagined. We are used to always seeing him with his comedic side but in reality there is much more than that.

Without taking anything from other connectors, don’t worry, but when we think Word spreadsIt’s impossible not to think of them right away, Enzo Iacchetti and Ezio Grigio. The two are a “very strong team” as he sang Chico Zalon And it’s true, they have a feeling that only a few working couples have.

Let’s say Enzo and Ezio are like Laurel, Ollio, Toto, Pepino, Bud Spencer, and Terence Hill. They are these people who work great on their own, but together They work better And fun is guaranteed. However, behind all those smiles and jokes, there is a “dark side” within Iaquite that few people know about. Here’s what we’re talking about.

The Passion of Enzo Iacchetti

the Mr. Enzinoas Grigio affectionately calls him, was completed a few weeks ago 71 years old He still has a lot to offer not only to the world of television but above all to the world of theatre. His first love For excellence. Clearly, Iacchetti didn’t just do that Word spreadsThe actor and host are proud biography Very respectful, always made up of different experiences, with diametrically opposed roles.

However, for us, he will always be the bandleader with his friend Ezio and his dog Lucino They let us spend half an hour in unison, on many evenings a year. Although unfortunately a lot Hater They don’t understand this innate empathy that he has, and that’s on schedule They insult him And they threaten him. Iacetti was tired of all this, so he decided to do this Close Its social channels, without first prosecuting those responsible. like He announced Himself: “There are several lawsuits going on, I won them all and the money went to charity.”

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Enzo Iacchetti revealed
Ezio Grigio and Enzo Iacchetti – Source: Facebook – Belligea.it

That heavy burden

Enzo Iacchetti Not only does he have a nightmare of haters to digest, even if it’s nothing compared to what he has to deal with. coexistence Since he was young. Here is what he said about it: “I live in isolation and I like silence. Could it be depression?… I have always suffered from it. Even as a child I was very lively but did not speak, and the stage was therapeutic for me. We all carry a cross, This is my personality.”

Despite everyone Dark times That Enzo lived and lives, and fortunately for him and for us as well, he discovered platform Thanks to acting, he was able to become the funny character we all know today.

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