Haddad in the cinema farewell to the legend of the small and big screen: fans cry

Haddad in the cinema farewell to the legend of the small and big screen: fans cry

The seventh art world witnessed the death of the legend of this sector. An actress who lit her way on television. Fans have left a lot of farewell messages.

The Cinema It is one of the most lovable environments ever. On the big screen, many artists appeared who gave voice and body to this sector. Many managed to win a large part of the audience. Indeed, on the occasion of the seventh art. For this reason, when news of death arrives it is always very sad.

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The actresses who marked this region are different and have touched more regions of the world. Annabelle Gutierrez With her art, she managed to form a deep connection with acting. She has managed to appear on both the big and small screen. Translator of series, comedies and much more. Annabelle died at the age of 89 years He was crowned with a Mexican legend. The news was confirmed by his nephew and his correspondent Jose Luis Arevalo via tweet. While the cause of death has not been reported.

The famous actress was born in 1931. A little curious about his date of birth. As reported by the brand, some documents speak of September 17, although many assure that she was born on the 5th of the same month. He started working in this field at the age of sixteen and since then he has left his signature on every job. The fans, at the news, let themselves go to tears.

Annabel Gutierrez, The Mexican Legend: Her Story

The career of a Mexican translator began very early. At the age of sixteen, Annabelle appeared in the film with an additional role titled “It is not the devil that the devilShe shared the scene with high-profile actors like Pedro Infante, Sarita Garcia, and many more.

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In addition to the movie we just mentioned, we also find Annabel Gutierrez in titles like “Girls in uniform“,” The visit that didn’t ring the bell” And the “vagrant schoolToday’s titles may not have been very detailed but they represented excellent cinematic productions.

Since the eighties, the actress has appeared on television and in Comic strips. His career has also seen significant recognition. It came about thanks to the character of Dona Maria Espotaaverderona Torquemada. Explanation occurred in the diagram for “Los Casquetos“.

In short, his history on the show was really intense. From the first moment, many recognized his skill and talent. The factors that made her a Mexican legend and brought her name to Olympus the Great. Now, in the news, fans left a lot of messages. A sign that Annabel Gutierrez will never be forgotten.

Goodbye Annabel Gutierrez

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