Will TV3 reopen the Pont Aeri de Manresa?

Will TV3 reopen the Pont Aeri de Manresa?

Any journalist, program producer, screenwriter, joke writer or television public official who does a very simple Google search will discover that the Pont Aeri nightclub in Manresa has been closed down by the local police after the presence of (among ordinary people) skinheads, undesirables , quinquis, quillos and polygonaires of all kinds aroused the indignation of citizens in general and, above all, of the Renfe users they met on the trains. Anyone would have discovered with one click that 33 entities had requested the closure of that company that had already been evicted from Terrassa, and would have seen that the courageous council member, Ignasi Peramon, took advantage of an urban violation to close it down, and that on the day the local police closed it down, the owner, Ramon, assaulted Escudero, with the help of his son, attacked a Regió7 photographer who was covering the lockdown, causing him bruises and breaking his camera, crimes for which he was convicted. Knowing this, any responsible TV would have thought twice about whether it made sense to organize a fun encounter in the rundown nightclub between the owners of the closed place and a network anchor who had been sent to play funny and dance a little in the middle of the night. Builds .

Even a trivial program like APM on TV3 had to find it insulting and profoundly ignorant that minutes of public television should be devoted to demonizing the owners of that scumbag, longing for their machinorra disco, and glorifying the DJs who attracted bands of skins, racists and ultras, And turn what's left of Pont Airy into a kind of pill-popping nostalgia haven. Congratulations, TV3, we have no more questions.

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