Piero Angela, this is the daughter. She’s more famous than Alberto

Piero Angela, this is the daughter.  She’s more famous than Alberto

A few days after the death of Piero Angela, there were many tributes, videos and messages dedicated to him. Now we are talking about the family consisting of his wife and two children. We know all about Alberto Angela, but we don’t know much about Kristen, Angela’s other daughter. In fact, little has been said about her, and that’s what we know about Kristen.

On August 13, science writer and journalist Piero Angela, an activist in Rai for 70 years, passed away, leaving a veil of grief across the country. The funeral, informally held in the capital on August 16, concluded with a beautiful farewell speech from Alberto, Angela’s son, who was also as famous as his father. But other than Alberto, as we told you, there is another daughter, the eldest daughter of fame and a famous journalist. This is what we know about her.

Piero Angela is from Turin and born on December 22, 1928, his father’s name is among the Righteous of the Nations because he saved some Jews from Nazi fascists. Angela’s arrival to Rai was in 1952 even before television was born.

In 1981, Piero Angela conceived and directed the science column Quark, initially there were only 16 episodes but the success of the show was such that Ray decided to produce a second season. From that moment on, the Quark never stopped and the transmission with its dips still stands today as one of the Rai 1 flagships.

Since that first episode in 1981, many young people have become passionate about science thanks to Piero Angela and his ability to ask simple complex scientific questions to make them understandable to the general public.

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Piero Angela died on the night between 12 and 13 August, and his unofficial funeral was cut short on the 16th in public affection and in the presence of all: friends, colleagues and relatives. In the first row is his wife, Margherita Pastore, and his two children, Christine and Alberto, who move everyone with his speech dedicated to their father’s life.

But if Alberto is one of the main faces of Rai 1, a pillar of scientific publishing, and now more than ever, heir to his father’s work, having taken on the revealing task, who is Christine Angela instead? Looking at her like that on set we can see the strong resemblance to her mother, but what do we know about her?

Kristen also appears to be a scientific talent and seems to be more famous than her brother.

Christine Angela: private life, work and everything about Pierrot’s daughter

Like her illustrious relatives, Kristen is also interested in history and is actually well known in the scholarly world.

Today Christine is 64 years old and we know that she has also collaborated with her father Piero on many scientific publications, but the general public does not know much about her because unlike her brother she has never appeared on TV and always tried to keep her. her.private life as much as possible.

Christine has produced more than four hundred scholarly articles during her career, and one has even considered suggesting her to run Superquark, as a natural father-daughter passage at the helm of one of the best programs in the history of Italian television. And who knows, it may not be accepted. We’ll see, surely such a long-lived program cannot be archived so easily.

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