Celentano, do you remember his son Giacomo? You probably can’t imagine what he’s doing today

Celentano, do you remember his son Giacomo?  You probably can’t imagine what he’s doing today

Adriano Celentano, born in 1938, is an Italian singer-songwriter but not only. In fact, he is also an Italian showman, actor, director, screenwriter, composer and TV writer. In 1963 he met Claudia Mori while still engaged to Melina, a saleswoman. Adriana and Claudia secretly marry and only the next year Celentano leaves his girlfriend.

Children of Adriano Celentano – movietele.it

Three children were born from their love: Rosita, Giacomo and Rosalinda. If the two women are known to the public for their various television appearances, the son, Giacomo, did not choose the same path as his parents and sisters. Let’s go today and see what his life choices are below, in the next paragraph.

Giacomo Celentano: That’s what the son of a singer-songwriter does

Giacomo Celentano is the second son of Adriano Celentano and Claudia Moorethe. He is the only son of the couple who have chosen to step away from the entertainment world for quite some time now. As a young man he tried to enter this world and then leave it and change his life completely.

When he was only 23 years old, his passion for music was so great, he decided to work on his first album.. inside the forest He was called up and it was a collaboration with Mario Lavezzi. And he wrote a song with his father, summer winds. In 1997 came a turning point in his career as an author.

Giacomo Celentano - movietele.it
Giacomo Celentano – movietele.it

That year Mario Ferrara and Roberto Pinoli met. With them he composed Two Pieces of Christian Inspiration. here they are: The eternal message And Zakaria’s anthem. In fact, faith besides music was another fixed point. It helped him a lot in some difficult moments in his life.

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Especially in times of gloom. In fact, Celentano’s son suffered from this disease for several months. He talked about this very dark period in his life in his book entitled Light Beyond Darkness – My faith is walking to overcome depression.

Giacomo Celentano - movietele.it
Giacomo Celentano – movietele.it

A very difficult situation for Giacomo Celentano’s private life. In fact, depression also caused him many physical problems. These include some respiratory problems. Today James snapped out of it thanks to Faith And thanks for the engagement with the current wife.

After 4 years of participation sI have been married to Katia Cristiano since 2002 and they have one son, Samuel. In a recent interview, she declared that she respects chastity until her wedding day. His wife is also very religious, just like him. Instead, let’s see what her sisters do below.

Giacomo’s sisters: Rosita and Rosalinda

Giacomo Celentano has two sisters, Rosita, the older sister, and Rosalinda, the younger sister. Rosetta first appeared in the 1970s. First as an actress and then as a singer in the late 1980s. Starting in the 1990s, she started working as a TV presenter. Participates in various programmes. So Rosita is an Italian TV presenter, radio presenter and actress.

Rosalinda is the youngest of the three and a well-known actress. Over time he was able to make his way but above all he was able to be appreciated despite the weight of the title he carried. She also won a Golden Globe Award for Best New Actress. He also suffered from depression. She also had to fight breast cancer.

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