«I had a dressing room when I was a servant’s daughter»- Corriere.it

“In Rai I had a small dressing room, like a ‘maid’s daughter’, and not even an extra pin could fit in it. Maybe I’ll have a chance to furnish it new, who knows.” “Che tempo che fa” arrives next Sunday in November with its first episode after the transmission of Ray and Luciana Lizzito, interviewed by Fabio Fazio by Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, criticizes the former hosts. It was Fazio and Letizito’s farewell to the new centre-right RAI party that caused the most uproar (the others were Bianca Berlingure, Lucia Annunziata and Massimo Gramellini). While presenting the first episode of the talk show, Fazio also spoke about his dressing room, which has remained untouched, with pictures of his children and the Sampdoria flag. “We hope that our fans will follow us on the new channel. “And also an abundance of interesting and curious guests, and above all able to talk about life,” added Letzito.

four hours

The program remains the same in format but is lengthened, lasting 4 hours. It starts at 7.30pm with a preview of Nino Frassica. The first guest will be Ornella Fanone. The cast also includes Philippa Lagerbäck, Mara Maionci, Francesco Paolantoni, and then Maurizio Ferrini, nicknamed La Signora Coriandoli. «In the first part they will help us understand our contemporary society. Roberto Saviano, who will come to visit us often, Michele Serra, Massimo Giannini and Professor Roberto Burioni, is more important than ever because he represents the voice of science at the moment in which, against scientific facts, the crazy visions of theorists are spreading, Fazio explained. Conspiracy and followers of the flat earth theory. Among the new entries is Ubaldo Pantani. Littizzetto hopes “reviews will boom,” and thanks Fazio for: “the affection, the respect for people, that we tasted online this summer.” “It wasn’t clear.”

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