“Guys, make room” – Diari di Terrassa

“Guys, make room” – Diari di Terrassa

If they are celebrated Oscar AwardsThis year's film festival season will be remembered as a bumper crop for the filmmakers who trained on it. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific From Terrassa.

A generation between 30 and 45 years old, formed in the last decade and present in the Old Cemetery neighborhood, led by veterans such as J. A. Bayona.

So now the question is: who is currently studying at ESCAC? Who are today's students who could be future winners? We delve into the world of ESCAC to learn about two short films that will be filmed this spring in Terrassa. The first is “Ministry of Dream Affairs”a project by six third-year ESCAC students that will serve as their final degree project (TFG).

This week, specifically, it was closed on the ESCAC sets carrying out some practical days before the final filming (in April). “We rehearse to see if the script works, to build the sets…” explains Verta Amo, production manager.

The plot of “Ministerio de Asuntos Oníricos” puts the issue of mental health on the table. “Before, it was taboo, but our generation feels more comfortable talking about it,” Amu believes. Moreover, the beauty of their short film is that they do it with humor. “Comedy is not only about passing the time and laughing, but it is also about conveying thinking in a more innovative way,” he explains.

In fact, it is aimed at a young audience Between 15 and 25 years old. He adds: “We will film it as a fake documentary so that it will be accessible to teenagers.” Yes! Delivering humor is also not easy: “We believe that comedy is severely mistreated and largely forgotten at festivals, while it is one of the most complex genres both in script and filming.”
In fact, for the filming team, some audio-visual references are series such as “The Office”, “Paquita Salas”, “Everything Everywhere All at Once”…

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“Ministerio de Asuntos Oníricos” / ESCAC photography team

However, humor is also a double-edged sword. “The screenwriter doesn't know how far he's going to go with this kind of black humor, because we don't want to upset or offend any other minority,” Virta Amo explains.

This short film will also be evaluated Rock Gosinner (director and screenwriter), Margarita Barberis and Esther Arnau (artistic directors), Marina Gallery (Director of Photography) A Daniel Trias (The complex).

“Five more minutes”

The other short film is “Five More Minutes Please” which will also be filmed next April in Terrassa and is produced by ESCAC Films.

This production, directed by Carlos R. Haro, is distinguished by its emotional depth and symbolic use of a hot air balloon as a symbol of the cycle of life and acceptance of the passage of time, said Rita Pulis, the project's production manager.

The short film offers an intimate look at the relationship between a mother and daughter, exploring universal themes such as loss, familial connection, and the importance of fully living every inner moment.

Take team members as a cinema reference Darden Germansas well as the new Catalan realist cinema of Belén Funes and Mikel Gurría…

And “Manel” may be the soundtrack to this new batch of directors, when the future spouses of “Benvolgot” ask the current spouses: “Friends, make room, we are waiting.”
Ep, or maybe they are not monogamous and there will be a place for everyone in the film industry.

“Guys, make room.”

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