The danger of Federica Panicucci, the beautiful anchor who is threatened with death

The danger of Federica Panicucci, the beautiful anchor who is threatened with death

Federica Panicucci has received serious death threats and the presenter now feels he is in real danger and very frightened. Here’s what happened.

Federica Panicucci is a presenter that the ’90s generation will surely remember well for some of the popular shows she did like Portobello, couples game, festival bar, heartbeat, business From the heart and many others. In particular, Festivalbar was one of the most popular music shows of the 1990s and Federica Panicucci ran the program with many others from the entertainment world, including Fiorello himself, early in his career.

Let’s not forget also the cult program Ray 2, aired from 2003 to 2005, bulldozerMany famous comedians who launched this show followed each other.

Today Federica Panicucci is one of the most important Mediaset conductors and has been stationed in the Berlusconi Network for several years, after a period in which it was split between Rai and Fininvest at the time. In this period Mattino 5 leads and hosts Christmas and New Year special episodes.

It’s definitely a satisfying career and she’s one of the audience’s most beloved characters on television, but why did you really get death threats? And who was it?

Unfortunately, Federica Panicucci was also a victim of stalking and allegedly received several death threats that frightened the presenter and of course the family as well.

Federica Panicucci under threat

We know that celebrities are very exposed and that they often find themselves exposed to criticism and threats from so-called haters, serial haters who act on the web and hide behind the screen. Federica Panicucci has found herself a victim of hate on social media. But who is he?

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From what was reported in the news and newspapers, a twenty-year-old girl was stalking Federica Panicucci, making threats to her that addressed her family as well. The presenter herself had made the matter known by telling her a chilling threat had been received as follows: “I will shoot you and your son… In retaliation for your disgusting behaviour, I will take the gun and kill you and your son by shooting you!”

One interesting detail of this unfortunate situation is that the same character addressed Michele Hunziker in very similar terms. Fortunately, the carabinieri were able to discover the identity of this humble, indictable character.

On the topic, many people have only expressed themselves by talking about the boundless hate and rampant madness experienced by some people who are clearly off-balance and saying a lot about the damage that social media has done in recent years.

Concerning this speech, journalist Giuseppe Candela said: “I shoot you and your son” I will never cease to amaze me with the madness of some people. When we all understand that social media cannot be open sewage, it will always be too late.”

It is hoped that Federica Panicucci, and like her, other women who have been stalked will feel more secure in the future and that some people will be stopped.

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