Millie Carlucci, have you ever seen her house? Breathtaking view of Rome

Millie Carlucci, have you ever seen her house?  Breathtaking view of Rome

Presenter Milli Carlucci lives in a dream house that leaves everyone speechless: that’s where it is and all the details

One of the presenters who left the world of Italian entertainment speechless is the Queen of Saturday Nights on Rai 1, Millie Carlucci. Everything seems to be ready for the new season of Dancing With The Stars which is already giving gossip fans huge news and exciting scoops. However, more often than not, they are Curious to know the host’s house And where she spends her free time away from the spotlight: here are the details.

Millie instantly became a stellar professional in the entertainment world. Before his debut, he had a passion for skating, competing in some important events and winning often. In 1972, she got close to the entertainment world by participating in a competition teenage mrs Which opens the door to the world of famous television.

In 1976, she was cast by Renzo Arbore in the popular show L’altra Domenica, continuing with Scomariamo Che and his much-loved Saturday night show Dancing with the Stars. Today, in addition to maintaining her remarkable role as presenter, she is also the author and project director of the show that already gives the audience unforgettable moments.

In terms of love life, Milli Carlucci has been associated with her husband, Angelo Donati, for years, with whom she is happy. The couple revealed how they keep the flame alive after so many years during an interview:During the day we are busy but in the evening Angelo and I get together, talk about the day, relax, go to the movies, talk about our kids, make plans. But the important thing is to always stay fit. to themselves and to each other.”

Milli Carlucci Where Does Dancing With The Stars Presenter Live?

In addition to her famous professional commitments, Milli Carlucci spends her free time with her beloved husband, Angelo, and children in a beautiful home that anyone would dream of.

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Milli Carlucci's wonderful stay in Rome

Milly Carlucci in her gorgeous Roman residence – (Credit Instagram@milly_carlucci) –

Many are curious as to where the beloved “Dancing with the Stars” presenter is He lives in Rome, in the Camilluccia region, in D.C.’s 15th City Hall, Vittoria Hall, not far from the historic Monte Mario and Ray Studios. To compose the cast of Dancing with the Stars, Millie perches on her beautiful and very elegant sand-colored sofa that fits perfectly into the corners of the living room. There are large windows that reflect a lot of light, illuminating the rooms.

In the living room, it should be noted beige curtainsPaintings, portraits, and some sentimental red candles. Furnishings are simple yet modern, leaving ample space for antiques. Further, it is possible to note that the presenter has chosen Flooring then parquet and many ceramic things.

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