Suburbia, global crises and birthday

Suburbia, global crises and birthday

In the next year 2024, Center of Contemporary Culture in Barcelona The CCCB will celebrate three decades of its existence through a broad program of activities that, in accordance with its conceptual principles, advance with a call to openness and centrality, and which will be articulated around three main thematic areas: City – one of the fundamental themes of centre, planet and creation. This was stated by the Director of CCB, Judit Carrera, in presenting a season that seeks to move away from catastrophic predictions to help, through art and community culture, build new perceptions and models of sustainable coexistence: “Culture must work to envision a non-apocalyptic future.” We have already passed the diagnostic stage and reached the point of no return, and we need new models. Through creativity and the will to live with others, we can build alternative worlds.”

Maspa Huniquin © Andrés Cardona/VIST

The event also helped take stock of the year ending, reinforcing the upward trend in visitor numbers. Specifically, with regard to the in-person audience, in 2023 the CCCB will offer the largest number of visitors since the outbreak of the pandemic: it is estimated that by the end of the year, there will be 366,000 people, 12% more than in 2022 and more than 40% compared to 2021. Looking to the near future, with Carreras moving forward, the CCCB’s budget for 2024 will be around €15.5 million, which represents a 14% increase compared to the year that is just death. In fact, this is the highest budget in the center’s history, which allows, according to the director, “to restore the ambition of the project before the 2008 crisis.” Carreras also wanted to save some memorial and affectionate words from the former head of communications at the center, Emma Morawho left us only a few weeks ago due to a short illness.

From the city to the rainforest

In the exhibitions section, after assigning individual samples to European, African and Chinese cities, the 2024 CCCB will give importance to American suburban neighborhoods, a symbolic space in which 60% of the American population is concentrated. And so is the cultural journalist Philip Engel He sponsored the exhibition Suburbs. Building the American dream (March 19 – September 18), an exhibition that traces the cultural history of the classic American neighborhood, an urban model that moves between utopian ambition and its dystopian opposite. Show who has advice Francis MuñozPhD in Urban Geography, explores the various political, environmental, racial and gender implications of its consolidation as a global cultural imaginary, in an itinerary that includes historical materials, photographs, illustrations and unpublished publications byAM Homes I Anna Galvan And facilities Joel Meyertz, Norman Rockwell s Nina Lynnamong other things.

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Veronica Jessica. “Untitled No. 52, from the Antiquities series.” Courtesy of the artist in the Galeria Unit

In the summer it was his turnAgnès Varda (1928-2019), a mainstay in the new mystique and the history of the auteur’s cinema. From July 17 to December 8, a solo exhibition produced by… French cinema -In collaboration with Ciné-Tamaris- it will cover the main thematic axes of a multifaceted path, from its connections with art history to the social and political dimension of its discourse. The exhibition is sponsored by Florence Tissot In cooperation with Rosalie VardaThe director’s daughter has advice from the journalist and critic Emma Merino To be adapted to CCCB. “Anges Varda’s work reflects very well the spirit of the CCCB,” says Judit Carreras. “His attitude challenges and inspires us with curiosity, joy, humor and a sense of discovery.” [Varda] He used to say that the three cornerstones of his career were inspiration, creativity and the will to participate. This is the slogan we will create ourselves in 2024.”

On the other hand, it stems from a commitment to the current climate emergency Amazon future grandparents (November 12, 2024 – April 27, 2025), an exhibition that aims to provide a space for dialogue between the wisdom of indigenous peoples and the latest scientific developments. The exhibition is sponsored by Claudio CarrerasIt offers an immersive journey through various academic projects and artistic works that address in an interdisciplinary manner the main environmental challenges of today’s Amazon region, which has become the center of the great geopolitical war for raw materials and natural resources. “Our goal is not to offer a requiem for the Amazon, but a love song to the planet Earth. It is an invitation to appreciate those indigenous traditions that never separate culture from nature,” says Carreras.

Santiago Yahurcani wears a mask in his workshop in Pibas, Peru © Andrés Cardona/VIST

The exhibition program also includes the final itinerary of the exhibition Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence, which explores, through a fully interactive and experiential itinerary, the history, operation, creative possibilities, and ethical and legislative challenges of this revolutionary technology. According to its directors, the exhibition is on its way to becoming one of the most visited exhibitions in the center’s history. As a parallel activity, and under sponsorship Jordi CarrionThe Center devotes an entire program of discussions and conferences to exploring those areas where AI is changing the paradigm, from the world of ideas to legislation or artistic creation.

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