Giorgio Locatelli, shown in a very rare young image: he looks like a Hollywood actor | It will make you fall in love

Giorgio Locatelli, shown in a very rare young image: he looks like a Hollywood actor |  It will make you fall in love
Giorgio Locatelli Evod

the judge Master Chef Italy Giorgio Locatelli showed himself in a photo as a young man, where he looks beautiful, like a pure Hollywood star.

We are facing a real kitchen pillar if we talk about the distinguished chef Giorgio Locatelliwho has now also been a judge for a few seasons Cooking show par excellence From TV. Obviously we’re talking about Master Chef ItalyWhich will return soon with the new season.

We can say that humans have been breathing air deeply since childhood art And kitchenas his family already owns it Starred restaurant. From then on he began putting together what it would become Foundations for his future careerWhich is currently being implemented with great success.

George He was born in Coregno di Vergiate on April 7, 1963, under the star sign of Aries. After he completed his studies, his intense desire for knowledge and knowledge increased the kitchen Overall, this prompts him to leave Italy and continue his studies in Europe for that matter Refine your knowledge.

He currently spends much more time in England than in Italy, which is when he is busy recording Master Chef Italy. In addition to being an excellent cook, he is also talented contractor As for the kitchen, especially since he owns many restaurants around the world.

Career of Giorgio Locatelli

Even though he is Italian he is The chef feels more at home in the UK than ever before. In fact, here he owns a restaurant in Lunda which has also become famous, among other things, because he has on several occasions been a regular customer for none other than King Charles III,. The last with his wife CamillaHe asked for two servings of tortellini in broth, which he particularly liked.

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However, all of this was before his coronation, when he was still alone prince. But recently George There has been a lot of talk about another fact. He seems to have come out of his past One hit Which depicts him as a young man who, to say the least, is unrecognizable from the way we all know him today. genuine a star.

Giorgio Locatelli photo as a young man
Giorgio Locatelli as a young man accompanied by his wife Evode

He was very young with his wife

The chef looked still very young with a bright smile on his face Great shotwas shared on his official Instagram profile, here you can see him in the company of his gorgeous wife, Plaxy Exton. The image, flavored with Amarcord, is made even more special by the filter dark brown Which always has a reason:

The two met in 1989 when they were still very young, but did not get engaged until three years later, in 1992. She already had a son born from a recently ended relationship which George He was lovingly cared for. he Plaxy Then they got married in 1995 and their union was born Margherita pizzanow 17 years old.

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