The sudden move to Windsor and the legacy of Queen Elizabeth

The sudden move to Windsor and the legacy of Queen Elizabeth

Now that Queen Elizabeth II has left the scene for Charles III, the spotlight remains more on the next heir to the throne, Prince William and the Princess. kaYou are. According to commentator and royal expert Cristina Garibaldi, the two would have given a so-called “coup of grace” to Harry and Megan, right, given the inheritance, this summer at Windsor Castle. On the other hand, the Queen gave Harry and Meghan the Frogmore Cottage near the palace but it’s certainly less important. Less than a year later, the two renounced the estate to resign from royal duties and travel to California. At Windsor Castle, William and Kate are “really rooted as a family” while the previous residence, Adelaide Cottage, is a much smaller residence and certainly “not big enough for what a future King might need”. Photo: Kikapress Music: “Summer” from
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