Goodbye Erin Fargo, talented singer: she was only 59 years old

Goodbye Erin Fargo, talented singer: she was only 59 years old

The world of music mourns the passing of Erin Fargo, the great singer and undisputed hero of the Italian scene of the nineties. The audience liked her so much, she had a great career that made her one step closer to winning the Sanremo Festival. Then the sudden silence: she was for a long time out of the spotlight, the victim of a violent husband. Only thanks to the love of his daughters She managed to recover herselfHe even returned to his greatest passion for music.

Goodbye Erin Fargo, the life of music

Erin Fargo passed away at the age of 59: To announce his death was his colleague Giovanna Nosetti, who, in an influential Facebook post, wanted to share a moment of happiness. “Hello Irene, I want to remember you like this. We loved each other sincerely. I will miss you, ”- wrote Giovanna, bidding farewell to a dear and faithful friend.

Erin Fargo was born in 1962 (her real name is Flavia BuzzaglioHe started singing at a very young age in a choir, and then made his first appearance on stage Castrocaro Festival, making them known and appreciated by the public. In the early eighties and nineties, after I knew Enzo Missellitook a pseudonym and began to achieve great success, especially with his first song.

Irene participated twice in Sanremo Festivalboth in the New Shows category: the first, 1991, with the song Ibsen woman Which made it reach number two, and then the following year with the song like turandot, repeating success with second place in the standings. The results obtained on the Ariston stage were followed by the beautiful singles They have reached the hearts of the audience. Also in that period, Fargo decided to try a theatrical career, participating in several musicals.

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Erin Fargo, Violence and Redemption

If at the end of the nineties he was still on the crest of the wave, Suddenly, Erin Fargo disappeared from the scene. Nothing was known about her for a while, until she dared to let go of what was her most difficult moment. Talking about himself on TV, a guest who watched it? And on the afternoon of the fifth day, she said it was so victim of violence From her husband: “I had the beast in the house, it beat me and I pretended to be dead.”

She saw Irene in her husband The soul mate he’s always been waiting for: “I had a little girl, my career was booming, he was an extraordinary person. So I thought.” Then the first disagreements and the relationship that was deteriorating despite her trying to keep him standing. Until her husband started beating her. I thought, ‘This is not the man I married. ” led me into solitudeif they called me to work, they answered that I was hospitalized for a terminal illness ”- revealed the singer.

In the end, after years of abuse, Erin found the courage to end her marriage. Thank you for the girls’ loveHe learned to love himself and decided he didn’t want to suffer anymore. Above all, she decided not to give her daughters a life of violence. Fate gave her a second chance. She has redeemed herself Return to the scene and collaborate with top artists like Gigi D’AlessioAnd the Lucio Dalla And the Renato Zero.

The latter, not long ago, was dedicated to Irene beautiful words On his Facebook profile: “We have lucky friends and others for whom fate has kept a more difficult path. Erin Fargo is a kind and generous soul. A sensitive and emotional artist. My fans have always known where to look and to whom to give their hearts. I’m sure of that. Our hug to Irene It will be really appreciated and will benefit you greatly.”

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