Maria De Filippi willingly dispenses with this, and this is the secret of her dazzling figure

Maria De Filippi willingly dispenses with this, and this is the secret of her dazzling figure

The dazzling, enviable figure of Maria De Filippi? At 62 years old, her silhouette is truly perfect, so let’s reveal her secret.

The undisputed queen of Mediaset, at 62 years old Maria De Filippi He displays a truly perfect physical form, so much so that even very young people are jealous of him. We know that she does a lot of physical activity and, above all, eats right, and this attention to nutrition is the secret of her personality.

Certainly at the top in many areas, De Filippi is a model of professional seriousness against which there is certainly nothing to say, even today after years of working in it. the televisionHe is one of the most popular Italian broadcasters love By the public, through his great charm and charisma, as well as through his historical composure which was often the subject of funny imitation.

Known for her habit of popping candy into her mouth while hosting, Maria De Filippi dominates the scene TV scene With prominent programs covering different time periods of the day. In fact, in the fall we see it men and women And This is what happensThen your feelings return in the winter There is mail for THence highly expected friends.

The secret of Maria De Filippi’s physical form

Maria De Filippi –

We always see her on top at every occasion, and at this point we all wonder what her secret is in supporting so many Work obligations.

Let’s start by saying that Maria De Filippi is a fan of walking, the outdoors and in general sports. He does this a lot with his four-legged friends. Among other things, she never hid this Emotionemphasizing that in addition to being a way to stay fit, it is also an excellent solution to free yourself from stress.

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In combination with this lifestyle, Maria De Filippi He follows a healthy, balanced and highly controlled diet. Does not exceed with i Vices on the table Don’t overdo the portions.

Of course, at the beginning of the Christmas holidays, you too will indulge in some pleasure, but there is one food in particular that you never eat: bread.

Maria De Filippi

Maria De Filippi –

Apparently I’m not a big fan of his, and the same goes for me Bakery products In general, pasta, in fact he eats the latter only once a week.

These details – based exclusively on her taste – bring an important benefit: the introduction does not tend to He gains weightIn fact, as we know Carbohydrates They are the first enemy of excess kilograms.

Not only that, Felipe also has other very good habits such as taking care of him spices– Eat plenty of white meat, and grilled fish if necessaryFresh seasonal vegetables and fruits. Then he always includes low-fat yoghurt Diet Daily, above all, drink 2 liters of water daily recommended by nutrition experts. Briefly, Moisturizes the body He does not burden himself, not even with sweets, which he gives up without many problems.

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