GTA 6: Release Date Further Than Expected, Rumors Reveal In What Year

GTA 6: Release Date Further Than Expected, Rumors Reveal In What Year

GTA 6 It is one of the main topics of gaming communities these days and now one of the most awaited rumors has surfaced: Exit date The (potential) new success of Rockstar Games will be determined 2025Maybe a little further than the players were hoping.

The source of this information is twofold, viz Rockstar Universe and RockstarIntel, who shared the information via X as you can see above. In addition to what Bloomberg has already indicated, sources say that GTA 6 was initially planned for 2024, but the company eventually postponed the game internally to 2025. It is also reported that it is not strange for Rockstar Games to revise the release dates.

It is also stated that in October 2023 Sam Houser went to New York City To receive an update on the game I met with an advertising agency to request space on walls, buildings, posters and more. It is supposedly intended for GTA 6 and the order will be completed by the end of December 2023.

A Rockstar Universe source already confirmed last year the existence of this It plans to announce GTA 6 in late 2023so it will be reliable.

GTA Online is slowing down

Grand Theft Auto Online has been a success but Rockstar Games is slowing down

It is also reported that Rockstar Games has no plans for a major winter update for GTA Online. They were planned Weekly events and seasonal content only Classics. According to Rockstar Universe, this could mean that from December the publisher can start prioritizing GTA 6 with marketing.

Obviously, as always, these things are simple Common, is not official information, so we will have to wait for confirmations or denials from Rockstar Games. The only thing that is certain is that the trailer will arrive in December.

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