Forza Motorsport, a leaked image of the game appears on Reddit

Forza Motorsport, a leaked image of the game appears on Reddit

popped up reddit apicture stolen from Go motorsportsthe new episode of the series produced by Microsoft exclusively for Xbox: it appears to come from a recent test run, organized to test the game’s multiplayer content.

In anticipation of the Forza Motorsport release date, Turn 10 is reportedly inviting several creators to join in Closed sessions With the aim of highlighting and fixing any critical issues in time to debut on PC and Xbox Series X | S.

In this case, however, something went categorically wrong: The image was taken from a game sequence by streamer Tryyton, who told leaker Tom Henderson that he didn’t know how it ended up on Reddit.

The most approved hypothesis at the moment is that the leak originated from the company that organized a play-testing session for Forza Motorsport last February, but it’s not clear which company it is.

Returning to the image, it is clear that we are talking about a screenshot that in no way represents the final visual quality of the game, which aims to provide us with an exceptional technical sector, complete with ray tracing during gameplay.

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