Kiss goodnight and everyone is in bed: This man treats his parrots like children | video

Kiss goodnight and everyone is in bed: This man treats his parrots like children |  video

Parrots love children to say goodnight to them before bed: a really kind and caring parent.

Not just dogs or cats, you can become a master of other – out of the ordinary – albeit tameable creatures. From reptiles to canaries, the animal world is diverse and so are the species. Naturally, it is good to take into account their specifications as well as the characteristics that characterize them, in order to satisfy objective and subjective needs – also linked to temperament. especially Parrots are most in demand because of their liveliness and good intelligence.

A concerned father puts his children to sleep (Image source: TikTok @cute.animalcontent) –

In this regard, A video has surfaced online showing a young man determined to cuddle his adorable macaws as if they were his own children. The affection and tenderness that shines through his caring gestures has touched the users socialThey were shocked by the strong bond that was created. We even read the following comment: “Never seen anything like it“Because it actually provokes a reaction of gentle amazement that melts hearts like snow in the sun.

The man kisses his parrots sweetly, like a good father: The video is driving everyone crazy

Those who have furry friends know it well: they are like children. It is difficult not to feel loved and taking care of him becomes an act of great responsibility because taking care of basic needs is essential. Finally, lots of hugs and kisses, as they always make adults and children happy, as well as humans and animals. In this regard, small and very colorful parrots appear to be voracious, In love with their “daddy”.

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Parrots in childhood –

We are in South Africa and it is time for bed. Like any self-respecting parent, this boy also has the wonderful task of getting his little ones to sleep – and that is it You are such beautiful parrots Blue and yellow macaw. They’re ready for bed – curled up under the covers – but first, of course, Kiss good night one by oneRepeat their names out loud. Suddenly a small head emerges from the sheets and raises itself because it would like to return this affectionate gesture.

Faced with such a vision, the man exclaims: “I love you my childrenEnter them and read them a beautiful story Which helps you sleep. Scenes from life that warm the heart and shed a few tears in the name of pure and unconditional love. bubble to Likes The comments, the most important of which are: “I want them all, including him“Showing a certain interest in the father or”I am more amazed every day at how much love animals can give us“.

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