Patch 1.08 is available, adds FOV and other new features –

Patch 1.08 is available, adds FOV and other new features –

Mundfish developers today released the patches 1.08 (or – on PC) FPS Atomic heart. Let’s summarize the most important news.

The March 10 update to Atomic Heart introduced an option for Adjust the field of view And some fixes for display with HD displays associated with this setting. Also fixed an issue where the voice acting was automatically set to English after launching the game for the first time.

For the rest, many issues with graphics, sound, open world, game interface, and missions have been resolved. On the computer it was Disabled mouse acceleration Fixed a soft lock issue that occurred when pressing the space bar while using the NORA device.

Additionally, stability has been improved, some crashes have been fixed, and performance has improved in some areas, but it’s not clear which ones. Issues that prevented some from being obtained have also been resolved Awards/Achievements. You can read the official notes for Atomic Heart patch 1.08, at the moment unfortunately only in English, at this is the address.

Mundfish also unveiled the new stuff that will come with it Upcoming updateswhich will include an option to adjust the size of game interface elements and subtitles to your liking, Steam Deck support and the ability to remap key configurations.

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