Game companies should stop dividing developers and players –

Game companies should stop dividing developers and players –

During a speech at the 12th Annual Game Awards in New York, Phil Spencerthe head of Microsoft’s gaming division, criticized these companies that swear the Players from developers. On this occasion, Spencer was awarded the Andrew Yoon Memorial Legend Award.

The Microsoft CEO reiterated the need for video games to bring joy at a time like this, when despair is rife around the world, and said it was up to the industry’s leading companies to make sure gamers get it rather than finding others. negative.

Spencer: “Today as authors, leaders, and world builders, our greatest responsibility is to inspire and advocate Fun. Each of the hundreds of titles players have now is a calling card to happiness.

Halo, God of War, Vampire Survivors (Spencer seems to be particularly excited about Ed), Peppa Pig; Big games, little games, mobile games, indie games – each one is designed to brighten our lives, giving us so much joy that people talk about and share.

We who are here, all our teams around the world, must do our part to echo the joy. Our authors, who boldly and deliberately demonstrate their worldview, especially in today’s culture of criticism and cancellation. Our players who have bravely and intentionally taken the time out so that our games can rest and energize their lives.

As leaders in industry, we are called upon to find the courage to protect and nurture this collective joy. We are called to embrace, create and nurture these experiences.

To search for and surround ourselves with many points of view. To honor our differences between experiences and geographic areas, and to practicekindness When we voluntarily listen to others.

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We must avoid dividing players and creators, and instead bring them together, as we move forward and amplify the joy together. This is theecho effect Fun to play.”

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