Google Bard, what it is and how to use it, the program used by those aged 18 and over

Google Bard, what it is and how to use it, the program used by those aged 18 and over

Google’s answer to ChatGPT: All about Bard, what it is and how to use the chatbot used by people aged 18 and above.

Not a day goes by without people talking about artificial intelligence that is ready to enter every corner, even the smallest aspect of our lives. A world that fascinates and unsettles at the same time, but as long as it remains at a safe distance from the uniqueness of the human race, It is undeniable that it changes our lives.

Google Bard, the alternative solution to ChatGPT – Image source (

This will be the difficult task ahead of us Starting in 2024When artificial intelligence invades the smartphone market sector: Google has already done so with the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. Samsung The company will be the first of the three giants to show the shockwave immediately with the new year, starting in January when the highly anticipated Galaxy S24 with AI functionality is launched.

And then it will come down to it applewhich is developing its own chatbot and will show its competitiveness with the iPhone 16. For now, let’s expect fireworks and a lot of great news, With stakesPlease: Artificial intelligence must remain at the service of mankind, neither surpass nor surpass him, because no one will ever be able to imitate the intelligence of the human race.

Google Bard is not the ultimate truth: how many things can be done! Here are some. And a recommendation

Having done this necessary introductory hat, here the focus is on cool, Google’s response to OpenAI And his ChatGPT: The first time was a failure, the second time was good though: Big G’s chatbot has improved a lot when it comes to content creation, Utilizing and improving the generative language model Great owner, trained to be informative and thorough.

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Google Bard, the program for those 18 and older
Google Bard, the AI ​​chatbot developed and optimized by Big G – Image source (

Currently, with Google’s big upgrade, Bard follows instructions and completes requests in a thoughtful manner, assuming that he is not infallible, that important aspect: it can help us but it is not the Bible for Catholic Christians. Great for editing Although Italian is a very complex language and AI still has to improve (if ever), it answers many questions in a complete and informative way.

Not only that, Bard is now able to create different creative text formats: from poems to music compositions, through emails, letters and customer support. Compared to its competitors, primarily ChatGPT, He still has a limited ability to remember context and provide feedbackbut it provides access to the Internet, while you have to pay a subscription for those who use ChatGPT.

recommendationEspecially for parents with children: cool is very useful, but only for adults. You must be at least 18 years old to be able to use it for free and tell them about it and make your children, friends or relatives understand about it. For anyone in short.

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