How can you get more gigabytes available on your computer? The guaranteed method

How can you get more gigabytes available on your computer?  The guaranteed method

We increasingly need gigabytes, not only on smartphones but also on computers and any device with storage space. How to get it for free

At present, given the amount of data we collect, We increasingly need space on our devices. Photos (now on WhatsApp they are also in high resolution like videos, i.e. less compressed but more spacious), documents (the smartphone has become more of a work tool than just a communication tool), everything and more. We need so much space that, without money and facing an either/or choice, we would rather buy the standard version of the iPhone 15 with 256GB instead of the iPhone 15 Pro (or Pro Max) with 128GB.

Getting more gigabytes on your computer is not difficult –

The example of the iPhone is convertible and portable in the world of Android, but also in other market segments beyond smartphones: tablets and computers. The issue of gigabytes, is increasingly important in our lives, like the time when we no longer find to do everything in one day, which sharpens the concept, like the air we breathe in an increasingly technological world.

Manage GB on PC: So no more space issues

Those who have money to spend cut it short: buy more space and get rid of the worry. He’s lucky, but who has to do the math to get to the end of the month, or simply wants to get as many gigabytes as possible on their computer? He has another alternative to spending, Management issue. Stopping every now and then to take a look at those programs or applications that are in the depths of your computer, and understand which programs or applications you no longer use and throw them in the trash, is a good starting point. Plus remember to empty the trash from time to time.

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Gigabyte problems? Try managing it first –

For those who cannot uninstall anything in the name of the famous phrase that ultimately says “anything can be useful”, there is also another starting point: Move what you don’t need to an external hard drive, Or maybe in the cloud, part of it is free: this way you will preserve the memories by freeing up space on your computer drive, remembering that external drives obviously cost money, but they are very cheap and connected to the computer via USB cable. Is cloud storage available for a fee? It’s true that archiving them also serves as a backup, which is also objective: after all, 2 for 1 is always worth it.

For those using Windows, a foolproof method is a utility, Disk CleanupA godsend. Why? Since it does not touch anything of your files, programs and applications, it not only removes files but also clears browser cache, empty the Recycle Bin and removes a wide range of original junk files that only take up your storage space and nothing more. Using Disk Cleanup is elementary school: Find and click Disk Cleanup, check the boxes for the files to delete, then OK, then Delete. That’s it, and your computer’s storage space can breathe again.

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