Wellness community, what it is and why it improves mental health

Wellness community, what it is and why it improves mental health

There are already many wellness communities and it is expected that their number will increase more and more. These are literally heavenly truths.

Today we can find many communities that have chosen to live their daily lives in a peaceful and healthy way, as well as respecting the environment: they are found in Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida, in The Interlace in Japan, or in Via Verde in the Bronx, Serenbe in Atlanta or BedZED. in the UK.

Everything comes from A very special blend, Ben Real estate – Buying and selling real estate – etcsense of community, Very positive and special concept. In short, we can say that it is enough to buy the right house, in the right neighborhood, and we will be able to improve the quality of life, both physical and mental, as well as experience a sense of belonging to the community which is very rare today. . But clearly, wellness communities are much more than that.

We can change our lives, just find the wellness community closest to us, here’s how

At the moment there are many projects, existing or about to start, which can be defined as a wellness community. On a technical level it comes down to it Neighborhoods were built for a specific purpose, which is to improve the quality of life of their residents.

Very green and well-organized homes, parks and gardens, areas for children, and possibly businesses selling zero kilometer products. This can be a brief view of wellness communities.

The missing sense of community is found in wellness communities – Biopianeta.it

But the most interesting aspect is that people in these communities don’t just want to have a beautiful park, where they can do yoga or play with the dog. In wellness communities, neighbors aim to get to know each other, collaborate, and form relationships in a healthy wayTo share events, parties, shows and daily life.

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All things that have almost disappeared in our society. We live in a world where obligations, work and routine distance us more and more from others but also from ourselves. We run toward something that doesn’t exist, we burn precious energy, we feel increasingly lonely, and eventually we get sick, in body, mind, and heart.

Wellness communities are becoming more and more trendy, and the reason is easy to understand. Perhaps people will realize that life like the one we live today is not at all sustainable, either for humans or for the environment. We must take a step back and rediscover the sense of community, the joy of reconnecting with nature and above all teaching it to our children.

At the present time, as we mentioned There are more and more neighborhood projects built according to this philosophyBut you don’t just need to look for those things. Everyone can Locate a place, a town, a small village where you can move and live according to the concepts that wellness communities also embrace. All it takes is a little courage.

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