“There is no evidence of a terrorist attack” – Corriere.it

“There is no evidence of a terrorist attack” – Corriere.it

The Rainbow Bridge, the bridge connecting the United States and Canada, will be closed next Car explosion At the checkpoint near Niagara Falls.

After the initial Terrorist alertwhich the FBI has also begun investigating, New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced that “There is no evidence” of an intentional attack. Canadian Public Security Minister Dominic LeBlanc also denied the “intentional attack” hypothesis, as did some US officials who urged caution “on terrorism.”

A spokesperson for Niagara Falls Mayor Aaron Ferguson’s office confirmed to… CNN Which The car was trying to enter the United States“We don’t know much, just that there was a car trying to enter the United States and they closed both sides of the bridge.”

According to the first reconstruction of CNN, Shortly before noon, the car arriving from the Canadian side of the border with the United States arrived. It exploded after accelerating during the monitoring process at the checkpointWhile heading towards the secondary control area. The cause of the explosion is not yet known. Federal authorities are trying to recover the videos from different angles.

Police forces quoted CNNThey had identified the owner of the car and confirmed that the car, before it reached the bridge, It was parked near a casino in New York.

A witness from Ontario, Mike Guenther, told BBC to see The car is hurtling at 100 miles per hour (160 kilometers per hour), then flies into the air and explodes in the form of a “fireball.”

Ron Rinas, general manager of the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority, told ABC News All four bridges between Canada and the United States on the Niagara River are closed Out of extreme caution.

the Two occupants of the car lost their livesThe FBI is working to identify the bodies and verify whether there are explosives inside the car. A policeman and a 27-year-old passerby were also injured. He was taken to Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital with injuries described as non-life threatening Fox News.

After what happened at the Rainbow Bridge, the alert was also raised New Yorkon the occasion of the Thanksgiving holiday, where Mayor Eric Adams decided to beef up security“Enhancing security in the city, including entry and exit points.” As a precautionary measure, the authorities decided to do so The nearby Buffalo Airport will also be closed. The airport, located on the US-Canada border, is closed to all incoming and outgoing international flights, the Federal Aviation Administration announced.

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