200GB and unlimited everything with free activation and first month: You have until June 19th for this offer

200GB and unlimited everything with free activation and first month: You have until June 19th for this offer

A great opportunity for all users: with an offer of 200 GB and everything is unlimited with activation, while the first month is free.

It is a priority for all consumers to find a manager who can reflect their personal needs, and at the same time, can save them a lot of money each month. In this sense, the latest interesting and timely offer will be interesting to many people.

200 GB and unlimited everything with the new Cellulari.it offer

All the Mobile operators offer different services In terms of network coverage or browsing speed. The choice of companies is very wide and the majority of users always choose the company that provides the best services but is also cheap. Most people have a fairly general overview of each service, but few know that Coop’s mobile operator, CoopVoce has launched an excellent offering For all those who decided to stop with their service.

CoopVoce offer until June 19: all the details

For all users who want to save with their mobile operator, they can call CoopVoce, a new service available at Coop supermarkets, The first MVNO proposed in Italy. Not everyone knows that it has been running since June 1, 2007, when it was launched after a trial phase that lasted about three months.

CoopVoce offer until June 19 for all Cellulari.it customers

CoopVoce is an agreement between Coop and TIM to provide the service to users and over time it has become increasingly popular in Italy, to the point where it has become an alternative to more popular operators. the last New is the Evo 200which is an important promotion offered to users 200 GB in 4G, 1000 SMS and unlimited minutes for € 7.90 per monthForever.

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The service, as stated on the official website, was keen to specify that the subscription fees will remain the same forever, as prices have never been increased for customers. In practice, there is no risk that the €7.90 amount will rise to a higher figure in the future as it happens in many other cases.

However, what is definitely more interesting is that Everyone who switches to CoopVoce will be able to use the service for free for the first monthBut that’s only if they decide to switch to manager No later than June 19, 2024. Therefore, this is a limited time offer not to be missed.

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