Giro d’Italia – Pogacar also wins the Prati di Tivo! Martinez, O’Connor and Tiberi won the sprint

Giro d’Italia – Pogacar also wins the Prati di Tivo!  Martinez, O’Connor and Tiberi won the sprint
After the overwhelming victory in the time trial in Perugia, here is the victory. At least that’s the feeling it gives Tadej Pogacar At the conclusion of the eighth stage of the 2024 Giro d’Italia. The Slovenian accompanies him perfectly The United Arab Emirates Even the climb that leads to the finish line Tifo promoterbut he doesn’t launch any attacks from afar and plays his cards in the speed race, dominating the competition in this case as well. Third success in the pink race For the class of ’98, increasingly the king of the general classification. On the platform today Danny Martinez (Bora-Hansgrohe) e Ben O’Connor (Decathlon AG2R), while he achieved a wonderful fourth place Antonio Tiberi. Bahrain – The victorious rider rises further in the overall standings: he is now in sixth place, directly ahead of him Lorenzo Fortunato (Separate only in the last few hundred metres Domenico Pozzovivo). Among those in the top ten before the start, Luc Plab, Alexei Lutsenko and Filippo Zanna are paying their dues.

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1. T. Pogacar (United Arab Emirates) 4h02’16”
2. D. Martinez (Bora-Hansgrohe) street
3. B. O’Connor (Dekathlon AG2R) street
4A. Tiberi (Bahrain – Victorious) +2”
5. J. Thomas (Enos Grenadiers) street
6. E. Rubio (Movistar) street
7. C. UIJTDEBROEKS (Visma | rent a bike) street
8. T. Arensmann (Ineos Grenadiers) +11”
9. M. Storer (Theodore) +13”
10 a. Bowden (Decathlon AG2R) +21”

Stage facts

After Tadej Pogacar’s display of strength in the Perugia time trial, the 2024 Giro d’Italia resumes with… Spoleto prati di tifo. part of 152 kilometers and 3850 meters elevation difference, completely devoid of flat terrain and with an uphill finish line for the second time in this edition. We start strong with a climb Siro’s power Attacks are wasted instantly. The first to extend are the ones Owen Costeo H George Steinhausertaken from a cliff Martin Marcellusi. At three they start the ascent Forca capistrillo (Class 2 for 16.3km at 5.6%, peak at 12%) with a few seconds on the pack and quickly being absorbed by the other runners. On top of the race, among other things, too Julian Alaphilippe, Nairo Quintana, Romain Bardet, Jonathan Narvaez, Liliane Calmejan, Michael Storer, Alessandro De Marchi, Nicola Conci. But the group was walking not far away, and the situation remained fluid and unstable for several kilometers.

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Bardet is in a hurry! The Frenchman is trying to break away from everyone in Forca Capistrello

A halfway fun one Roman Bardet (dsm – Firmenich) You accelerate and you take it with you Simon Jeschke (Covid) e George Steinhauser (EF – Education EasyPost). The trio later joined Valentin Barrett-Illustrator (Deca AG2R). The UAE is quietly moving at the top of the main group and starting to lose some ground. Geschke passes the GPM first, followed by Steinhauser and Bardet. On the next stretch of gentle incline, ten more runners return to the stands. It’s about to Magnus Sheffield H Jonathan Narvaez (Ineos Grenadiers), Julian Alaphilippe (Soudal – quick step), Alexander Ferris (antique), Henoch Muloberhan (Astana), Nairo Quintana H Pelayo Sanchez (Movistar), Alessandro De Marchi (Jaiko Al-Ula), Michael Storer (Tudor), Martin Marcellusi (Bardiani). In short, 97 kilometers from the finish line, there are 14 men in the lead, two minutes behind the pack.


Majka attacks her partner Novak: “You are going too fast.”

This is followed by a long stall, where riders face a long, slight incline. The gap between the breakaway and the peloton fluctuates, but does not exceed two and a half minutes. 65 kilometers from the finish, the UAE is leading Michael Berg To adjust the speed and the platoon moves forward. Bardet overtakes Steinhauser and Sheffield at the finish line of the Intergyro Capitegnano Then the climbing begins Cross Apio (GPM Class III 7.5 km grade 5%, peak grade 9%). The group loses something due to the Majka puncture, which leads the UAE to a short slowdown, but once the pole returns it immediately returns to the gains. Look BlabAt the same time, he pedals backwards. The white jersey, fifth overall, is not at its best. Simon Jeschke He beat Steinhauser in the sprint and took another GPM.

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Unleash Bardet! In addition to escaping, he also runs the inter-giro: reclaim running

The long descent after the top of the hill holds no surprises and you soon reach the start of the climb Tifo promoter (Class I GPM 14.6 km 7%, peak 12%). Plab breaks up immediately The escape collapses. Another resignation is Valentin Barrett-IllustratorWhich launches a solo attack at -10. The UAE has proven to be very strong and the imposed pace is hurting many. Among them, they are in trouble Alexei Lutsenko H Filippo Zanna (respectively the sixth and ninth of the year). As up Maximilian Schachmann To give a boost to the rest of the group, and then make room for them Felix Grosschartner. At -6 Bardet breaks away, at -4.2 Paret-Peintre takes over. There are 14 left in front: Pogacar, Majka, Martinez, Thomas, Arensman, Tiberi, Uigtdebrix, Fortunato, O’Connor, Bowden, Pozzovivo, Storer Rubio. H Hurt.

The Pogacar pedals with negligible ease and does not seem to want to accelerate, otherwise it is excellently accompanied Rafal Majka. The first to move with his personality, He is Antonio Tiberi (-1.7). Then Arensman and Tiberi tried again and finally Storer. But no one makes a difference, even if these attacks They made Fortunato, Pozzovivo and Hurt separate. This brings us to the next race Pogacar shot it himself at -200. Fast race No contestas the Slovenian imposed himself with a wisp of gas and set up another flag. Tenth success of the season in 18 days of racing and 73rd of his career.

Giro d'Italia |  The eighth stage with the awards ceremony

Giro d’Italia | The eighth stage with the awards ceremony

Where and when you can follow the Giro d’Italia 2024 live on TV and live streaming

The 2024 Giro d’Italia will be broadcast live on Eurosport 1 and 2 (Sky channels 210 and 211 and on DAZN) with commentary by Luca Gregorio and Riccardo Magrini and additional commentary by Moreno Moser and Vladimir Belli. If you don’t want to miss even a single meter of the 21 stages of this edition, you can follow the Giro d’Italia LIVE IN FULL, from kilometer 0, streaming via Discovery+ (Discover the offer) with lots of exclusive content. It will also be possible to retrieve all trips on-demand on smartphones and tablets.

How much is the prize money worth?

For the 2024 edition, the organizers have maintained the prize money of previous years, with the winner of the Giro d’Italia receiving around €265,000, even if we are still a long way from the prize money offered by the Tour de France. 11 thousand euros for the winner in each stage, and 20 thousand euros for the super fighter. Here’s the full prize pool.

Overall prize pool

Classify prize*
1. 265.668 euros
2. 133,412 euros
3. 68.801 euros
4. 21.516 euros
5. 18.154 euros
6. 13.588 euros
7. 13.588 euros
8. 10.725 euros
9. 10.725 euros
10. 7.863 euros

*UCI and RCS prize including all sponsors


Madness in Giro! A woman crosses the road 5 kilometers from the finish line

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