Techfind Serie A1 – Umana Rayer Venezia, Italian champion

Umana Reyer Venezia are Italian champions for the third time in their history and return to lift the Italian league three years after the last time. The field factor was not enough for Famila Schio to try to extend the series, because Reyer played a tremendous game, with great defensive intensity and a great display of coolness in the final moments. The match, which ended with a score of 74-80, began with Scio trying to attack from the beginning, starting to lead 5-0, but with a double from Villa-Cuer, Venezia returned to the lead with a score of 10-11. However, the home team found Robyn Parks in great form and thanks to her five points, they went into halftime with a 19-15 lead. At the beginning of the second quarter, Schio tries to escape at +7, but Villa and Fassina do not allow the orange to escape. However, Scio started to shoot well from three points and thanks to Gerantz’s basket from beyond the arc he reached +10 (32-22), turning the deadlock of the game entirely to his team. However, it is only an impression, because Venezia stays there again and responds immediately, with part of 1-10 allowing them to get back to just one point: the first half ended at 33-32. In the third period, Venice tried to escape at +7 (41-48), but the impressive Soutana scored a hat-trick that almost halved the deficit. Volcanic cold from the line and so was Parks, before Sutana sent everyone to the final break with a score of 48-52. In the fourth half, Venezia tries to escape again at +6 (50-56), but the Keys hat-trick and the Gerantes hat-trick reduced the difference to -1 (56-57) and from that moment the two teams always remained in contact, until they reached a tie at 70 with two minutes to go. From the end of the match. The match was very intense and the first to take the lead was Schio, who took the lead 71-70 with a Yuhas free throw, regaining the lead after more than fifteen minutes. Parks answered Berkani’s putback with a 3-pointer, but Cowher put everything back at 74 with fifty seconds left. Berkani and Villa only make two free throws, but that is enough to put Venezia up 2 (74-76), while on the other hand, Juhac misses the three-pointer for a possible overtake with less than ten seconds left in the game. Scio had to foul and this time, on two consecutive occasions, Berkani hit 2/2 from the free throw line, closing the game at 74-80. Oak Quier is the best player in these finals, having finished the evening with 24 points on 62% shooting, but all of Venice is playing a game of the highest quality, beating Scio in Palaromare which was in their 13th final in a row. Venice gives up just eight shots, negating an evening in which Scio shot 50% from three. For Reyer, this is the first trophy after winning the 2020/2021 Italian League title, which represents the culmination of an amazing season, in which they achieved a series of 25 consecutive victories, and secured the most important national cup. Furthermore, for the first time, the top three teams in the league shared the three seasonal titles, with Virtus winning the Super Cup, Schio the Coppa Italia, and Venezia, at the end of a run dominated by the Italian League.

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He clears his throat
Final – Match 3

Famila Whopper Ski – Umana Raier Venezia 74 – 80 (0-3)

Famila Whopper Ski – Umana Rare Venezia 74-80 (19-15, 33-32, 48-52, 74-80)
FAMILA WUBER SCHIO: Juhasz* 14 (2/3, 3/7), Pestagno M, Sotana 10 (2/5, 2/3), Verona* 9 (2/8, 1/3), Gerantes* 14 ( 5 /7, 1/2), Moterl NE, Crippa, Parks* 13 (2/6, 2/2), Keys 11 (1/1, 3/3), Pena, Reisingerova* 3 (1/3, 0 ) /1)
Coach: Dikaioulakos J.
2-point shots: 15/34 – 3-point shots: 12/24 – Free throws made: 8/11 – Rebounds: 33 9+24 (Juhasz 8) – Assists: 16 (Sutana 6) – Stolen shots: 4 (Juhasz ) 1) – Turnovers: 13 (Guerantis 4) – Five fouls: keys
Umana Rier Venice: Logoh NE, Berkani 15 (3/8, 0/1), Villa* 14 (3/6, 1/1), Nicolodi NE, Pan 5 (0/2, 1/2), Meldere NE, Hield*, Kopay 6 (2/4 from 2), Fassina* 11 (4/7, 1/2), Santucci, Shepard* 5 (2/6 from 2), Kuyer* 24 (7/9, 3/7 ) )
Coach: Mazon A.
– 2-point shots: 21/45 – 3-point shots: 6/14 – Free throws made: 20/27 – Rebounds: 35 11+24 (Shepard 8) – Assists: 14 (Volcanic 6) – Steal balls: 9 ( Fasina 3) – Volume: 8 (Queer 2)
Referees: Miniati G., Costa A., Attard M.

(Photo by Elio Castoria)

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