May 28, 2023

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Inter, Roma, Fiorentina: Italy’s “triple” in the European Cup Finals. This has not happened since 1994

Inter in the Champions League Final, Roma in the Europa League, Fiorentina in the Conference League. Italian fans are once again getting a taste of competing for Europe’s most important football trophy: three titles in one. If Italian teams have won some of these in recent years, Italy has not sent so many teams forward in European cups at the same time since the 1990s. And for nearly 30 years, to be exact, there has been no ‘treble’, with all three cups within reach of at least one Italian club. It was 1994: two cups out of three had a different and practical name than the current one, but the essence was not so different: that year – at the end of the 1993/94 season, Serie A dominated Milan all the way, to the Champions League final Inter in the UEFA Cup and Parma in the Cup Winners’ Cup. How did it end? More than good. Both Milan teams ended the season in celebration. Il Diavolo, with the squadron then coached by Fabio Capello, brought home the most coveted trophy by defeating Barcelona 4-0 (in Athens). Instead Inter lifted the UEFA Cup, winning the then double final against the Austrians Salzburg. Only Parma did not smile, losing to Arsenal in the final chapter of the Cup Winners’ Cup (1-0). In a few weeks, after 29 years, there was a new opportunity to have the Italian “treble” entirely. If Manchester City, Seville and West Ham allow.

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