Giorgio Armani insults Flavio Briatore at sea | There is absolutely no comparison between the two

Giorgio Armani insults Flavio Briatore at sea |  There is absolutely no comparison between the two

It seems that Giorgio Armani is not only one of the greatest fashion designers and entrepreneurs in the world. Even when it comes to the sea, it manages to outperform its competitors.

There are many celebrities – including business stars and entrepreneurs – who have decided to celebrate the goals and successes achieved with the purchase of a yacht. For many, it has now become a true status symbol.

Giorgio Armani insults Flavio Briatore at sea (

There are different types of yachts, which can vary in size and weight. The common denominator between them is the possibility of traveling on light and manageable boats, equipped with many amenities and interiors that are luxurious and elegant.

What is the most luxurious yacht?

As mentioned earlier, there are many stars who own a yacht. Luxury boats have become a fad among celebrities They intend to show their well-being even while on the high seas.

Among the most luxurious models, the Force Blue by one of the most famous Italian entrepreneurs, Flavio Briatore, undoubtedly stands out. The former Formula 1 team manager’s yacht became famous all over the world due to the tax matters he was involved in.

Despite that, it is a gem in every respect. It was built in 2002 and is 62 meters long. Inside there are many amenities, as well as a 90 square meter spa and precious works of art. The yacht has a 3,600-horsepower engine, with a powerful engine to say the least.

The businessman’s luxury boat is sure not to go unnoticed. And it’s not even the most prestigious of VIP boats. Giorgio Armani’s Main is a megayacht that’s hard to beat.

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Giorgio Armani, the mega-yacht that tomorrow sails

According to the sources, The designer personally oversaw the initial stages of designing and building the JewelWhich is aesthetically distinguished by its elegant style.

Armani’s idea was to create a luxury boat that would be eye-catching and capable of leaving everyone speechless. We can say that he completely succeeded with his huge 65-meter main.

Giorgio Armani, Yacht (web source) 08.12.2022
Giorgio Armani’s flagship yacht (web source)

The mega yacht may appear black at first glance. By paying close attention, it is possible to notice that it is a dark metallic green. Apparently, in addition to being one of the world’s greatest designers, Armani is aiming for the title of “King of the Seas” with a boat that manages to outperform all others.

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