The appointment is back knowing

The appointment is back knowing

Appointment with scientific debates returned a Colleferro. The next conference is scheduled for Saturday 12/17/2022 at 10:30 in the municipal library in the training hall. Morandi advanced. We will talk about energy and today’s speaker will be Dr Albino Rossano The scientific coordinator of the group is Mauro Marosa.

Title: “what is energy”
Speaker: Dr. Albino Rossano.
Coordinator: Mauro Marosa

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The reality that surrounds us can be seen as one gigantic phenomenon, the evolution of the universe, decided and accomplished by a superior entity, and thus unfolding as becoming governed by the principles of nature. The latter operate through various forms of actions that exchange accounting currency, a general equivalent that we call energy, similar to money which, as an unchanging category, regulates human economic operations.

This currency is exchanged, as mentioned, in various simultaneous dynamic phenomena, but it can also be stored stably in the microscopic depths of matter (molecular, atomic and subatomic bonds) as well as in specific devices (batteries, accumulators).

Man, while performing the little theater of life, continually decides and causes the exchange phenomena of the above-mentioned coin (events), more or less depending on the value of the energy being made.

When we say that man has energy available for use, we will more accurately say that he has the possibility of exchanging the currency of energy allowing the phenomenon of personal benefit to occur.

Finally, we must remember that for science, energy is a well-defined quantitative physical quantity.

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