Gialubli in the Italian Cup final 2023!

Gialubli in the Italian Cup final 2023!

Rome, February 25, 2023

Another comeback from 0-2 to 3-2 against Milan: Giallobl in the 2023 Coppa Italia Final!

A second second-half victory in the last six days against Allianz Milan opens the doors to a new Coppa Italia final at the Trentino Foli stadium, its ninth in all. Itas Trentino obtained it this evening at the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome, also in this circumstance, in a comeback (from 0-2 to 3-2) in the second semi-final of the 2023 edition, thus reaching Piacenza in the final round of the tournament. A draw (surprisingly scored in the afternoon against 3-0 against Perugia).
The match, which will be played on Sunday at 4 pm in the capital, will be the fourth final of the competition in the last twelve months for the Giallobl club, also taking into account the two internationals played in 2022 (Champions League and Club World Cup ); Kaczewski and his teammates broke through the pass to prove they had personality to ooze, with skill combined with great athleticism and technique.
Only by relying on these resources, on the other hand, can it be possible to return to the top in an irrepressible way after losing the first race (closed for advantages only at 33-35) and the second set in the presence of Milan who found in Loser and Ishikawa translators thumbs up for his convincing debut; From the third, also thanks to the exit of the Japanese from the match, the script changed radically: taking Kazeisky (in the end 27 points with 66% in attack) and Micheletto (23 points with 53%, one block and three aces). And the team pulled it towards a tiebreaker at the end of two segments that it dominated from start to finish like the third and fourth games, without smudges (only three fouls on goal in five sets). On the equalizing break, it was the legendary captain who once again made the difference and delivered the pass for the final umpteenth game of his yellow and blue jersey career.

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Here is the score sheet for the second semi-final of Del Monte® Coppa Italia 2023 taking place tonight at Palazzo dello Sport in Rome.

Itas Trentino – Allianz Milan 3-2
(33-35, 22-25, 25-19, 25-16, 15-9)
Itas Trentino: Lavia 11, D’Heer 3, Kaziyski 27, Michieletto 23, Podrascanin 9, Sbertoli 5, Laurenzano (L); Indigo 2, Davoronok 1, Lysenac. Nei Cavuto, Pace, Berger, DePalma. The herd is Angelo Lorenzetti.
Allianz Milan: Ishikawa 21, Loser 13, Patry 14, Mergarejo 15, Vitelli 6, Porro 2, Pesaresi (L); Abadipur 6, 3rd floor, Lawrence. Ne Bonacci, Fusaro, Colombo. Coach Roberto Piazza.
the reviewer: Goiter in Turin and Piana di Carpi (Modena)
Fixed term: 36′, 28′, 25′, 23′, 14′; A total of 2′ and 6′.
NB: 10,105 spectators, a grab of 172,563 euros. Itas Trentino: 10 blocks, 8 aces, 20 serving errors, 3 running errors, 51% in offense, 51% (27%) in reception. Allianz: 11 blocks, 5 service yards, 26 serving errors, 9 playback errors, 48% in attack, 48% (13%) in reception.

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