Punishment given, punishment denied, and stimulating supervision

Punishment given, punishment denied, and stimulating supervision

Swede Glenn Nyberg, 34, is UEFA's chosen referee for the Arsenal-Bayern match, and has been officiating matches in the Swedish Fotbollsallsvenskan Championship since October 2013. Since 2016, he has been included in the list of FIFA referees and international match referees. In the 2020/21 season, Nyberg took charge of matches in the European League for the first time, while… In the 2022/23 season, he officiated matches in the Champions League for the first time. Furthermore, he has previously officiated matches in the UEFA Nations League, European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and friendly matches. Let's see how he did yesterday.

Nyberg's history with Arsenal and Bayern

The Swedish referee previously managed Bayern once and Arsenal once. He brought luck to the Germans in the 4-3 draw with Manchester United In the group stage, also for the London team, with whom Arbitration won away from home to Sevilla, with a score of 2-1.

The referee warned 3 players

With the help of assistants Biggie and Söderqvist, with Ladebaek as the fourth man, Van Bockel is a fugitive And Haigler in Avar, the referee warned three players: Davies (B), Kane (B), Partey (A).

Arsenal and Bayern, in the case of the film

These are questionable episodes. The referee's big mistake occurred when David Raya and Gabriel committed defensive chaos that could have led to more serious consequences. The Gunners goalkeeper was on hand to put the ball back into play for a goal kick from his own six box. Nyberg blows the whistle to start the match, sees Raya Gabriel positioned next to him in the penalty area and passes him the ball. The Arsenal defender is clearly distracted, stopping the ball with his hands and moving it. Gabriel bends down to stop the ball and then starts the movement with his feet. On the pitch, Harry Kane is the first to catch the referee's aimless attention. Gabriel stopped the ball with his hands after the goalkeeper sent a flag and committed a foul. Refree He should have awarded a penalty to Bayern monk. Instead, the penalty kick awarded to the Germans was adjusted for a clear foul by Saliba on Sane. The referee performed well until 20 seconds before the end of the game, and Saka was very good at extending his pace to anticipate Neuer: a deflection on the German goalkeeper ended in a fall, but referee Gene Nyberg was in a good position and chose to let him continue the game. .

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For Cesare, the referee has been promoted

Graziano Cesare focuses only on this last episode in the Champions Special on Canale 5 and on the refereeing of the match between Arsenal and Bayern. He says: “In the end the referee was very good in not awarding the penalty kick to Arsenal. You see Saka moving his leg.” To look for contact with the goalkeeper and then go to ground. Nyberg He was in a very good position and let you play. “It's also good that Kane was not booked for a foul that the English protested against. The game was played under the advantage rule but there was no yellow card as it was a normal foul play.”

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