Double message to Inzaghi: “Destiny is already sealed”

Double message to Inzaghi: “Destiny is already sealed”

Inter are in the midst of a crisis of play and results, and of course Simone Inzaghi is not immune to criticism in the past few hours. There are already those who go further: “their fate is sealed.”

In football, you know, it takes time From the stars to the stables And vice versa, and this applies even more to coaches.

Simone Inzaghi © LaPresse

He knows something about her Simon Inzaghi, in the past weeks. Last year, the former Lazio coach beat Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup In his first season in Milan, but he lost the league on the last day to Milan. With it, the principles of the game, the robustness of the defense, both as individuals and as a division, as well as the offensive quality and ability to dominate opponents, Looks like distant memories in this season. Since the beginning of the season, in fact, Inter looked more bewildered and fragileable to allow a large number of balls to put in and suffer a painful restart counterattack. Positions reviewed regularly throughout the start of the season, particularly in the recent defeat againstUdinese. Of course, the turning point can be not only technical, but also mental, because often Inter is back together From useful positions or collapsed with the passage of minutes.

Crisis Inter and Inzaghi: ‘His fate has been decided’

Double message to Inzaghi: "Fate is already sealed"
Idea by Alfio Mosmara (Screenshot on Instagram)

Baby Marottathe company and all management, up to now, Inzaghi has always confirmed, waiting for the outcome of the summit that takes place in these minutes between the coach and the same Inter administration.. However, there are already those who are seriously beginning to suspect that things are falling apart. It is located around Alfio Mosmara. The journalist, in fact, paraphrasing some articles published in recent days in “La Gazzetta dello Sport” witnessed the tug of war between Inzaghi and the Inter summit: “After Inzaghi’s phony interview with Gazzetta, someone from the club wanted to point out things. This is not a good sign anyway He writes on his Instagram stories. Because if the rags are already flying, then his fate is sealed.”

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