“X Factor 2023, ‘Report Cards: Morgan Waldsing vs. Bellissima'” by Annalisa (Vote 4), Ambra and the Unhappy Mission (Vote 5)

“X Factor 2023, ‘Report Cards: Morgan Waldsing vs. Bellissima'” by Annalisa (Vote 4), Ambra and the Unhappy Mission (Vote 5)
Retreat in Barbieland, rating: 7

A sparkling, energetic performance in Barbieland style: Francesca Micheline opened the X Factor 2023 Live shows with Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” and Dua Lipa’s “Dance The Night.” The desire to celebrate, of course, but without losing sight of current events with the message launched by the video walls: “Make art, not war.”

Ambra risks drowning Matteo Alino, rating: 5

The assignment of Annalisa’s “Bellissima” to Matteo Alieno turned out to be a bit unfortunate. Fedez didn’t appreciate it, and the shy Matteo found himself having to defend himself: “I didn’t want to rewrite the melody, I simply lived it. It was not my intention to rewrite the song, I would never dare.’ On the other hand, for Morgan, the direct defamation of the original song was provoked (score 4): ‘I’m a stranger to this situation. You can sing anything, I sang a piece that doesn’t I even know it, which seems to me incredibly vulgar. It seems to me nothing special, from a harmonious point of view it does not exist. He could compose “La donna cannone” for D. Gregory, what is this piece? I live outside the world, I am old, I am dead “Indeed, you have been dead for centuries. You are so good that you brought an incredible nobility to a piece that I would never have thought of without you and Ambra, so I thank you. It seemed like a noble piece.” Reaction attributed to a tweet from Davide Simonetta (one of the authors of the song Annalisa with Paolo Antonacci): “He never succeeds explaining things. What a wonderful world.”

Morgan and Explanation of Music, Rating: 4

Life has only just begun, and it’s no surprise that Morgan is already irrepressible. He met Francesca Michelin’s attempts to contain the matter with anger, and the controversy over Animaux Formidables added more fuel to the fire. “The piece was ambitious – Ambra told the former Plovertego – you are ambitious and I gave it to him out of ambition. “I hear the drums coming out over time and I say that from the tests but I don’t have credibility so I mind my own business and in my opinion the mission punished you enough.” Even for Fedez, the drums were still out of time, distracting him while Performance. “All this debate about going through time is an opportunity to point out that we are in a world of perfectionism, where everything has to be perfect, and when something goes too far, let’s panic.” “But sorry, I was shocked by Mateo’s tune,” Ambra replied annoyed. I didn’t feel scandalized, I said it was bad, that it was something different. Ambra, let me explain: the song I chose was corny, and harmonically non-existent. Do you know what C Major is? Yes? Can you explain that to me?

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Sarafin, Fedez bet (won for now), rating: 7

“In addition to being a producer, she is very good and has a charming voice. His creativity is the most motivating thing for me.” With Sarafine, Fedez doesn’t have to do much: just unleash his creative flair. The competitor managed to make Bizet’s masterpiece, the Habanera song from Carmen, contemporary by crossing it with dubstep. Dargin: “It wasn’t “This choice is immediate. We have a heroine who brought with her doubt in the tests: Will she have the cunning necessary to enter the world of recording? What you have presented gives us hope, congratulations.”

Dargin was crushed by the other judges, vote: 5

The other three judges so “stretch” in their arguments that Dargin practically fell off the table during this first life. Given his first appearance (and given that he has not enough character for three people next to him) in the upcoming episodes, he will have to work hard to make some space for himself.

Maria Tomba Indiavolata, rating: 8

From life with nuns to Zucchero’s “Diavolo in me”, without going beyond the beginning. “Even Satan is happy, he toured the crowd. His shows attack the lives of those who don’t have them.” This is how Ambra described Maria Tomba’s fireworks performance. Dargin is also excited: “Compared to others, this girl has the talent of actually being elsewhere, and she is already present in her concerts, and this is the opening of her live show “This thing happens from the first performance.” And he’s off-balanced (despite her not being on the team): “I won’t deny that she’s probably my favorite this year.”

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Morgan calls (too late) the TILT feature, vote: 3

At the end of the episode, the judges had to choose who would be eliminated between Asia and the Animaux Formidables, and the duo’s elimination by Dargen and Ambra left Morgan furious: “It was unfair.” “I asked you if you wanted tonight to choose TILT (the mechanism by which, in the event of a tie between the judges, entrusts the final ruling to the audience at home, ed.) and you said to me ‘No, let’s vote.’ “And now that we’ve voted, you don’t agree to that”. “I thought you were mature!” At least they took responsibility for the abolition instead of slipping behind the curtain of public judgment.

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