Zelensky to the US Congress: “We have no electricity or water, but we will never surrender”

Zelensky to the US Congress: “We have no electricity or water, but we will never surrender”

NEW YORK – Just as American soldiers stopped the Nazis who took part in the Ardennes Offensive during Christmas 1944, so today Ukrainian soldiers are fighting against the Russians to save freedom, democracy and the values ​​that underpin the Western way of life. This is perhaps the strongest comparison made by President Zelensky during last night’s speech to Congress, to convince not only politicians, but above all the people of the United States, that the war they are providing economic and military support worries them deeply: “It is not money given to charity, it is an investment.” In global security and democracy.” In this way, he hopes to overcome the resistance of the Republicans, who will regain the majority in the House of Representatives in January, and under the influence of Trump’s more extreme current threatens to cut off aid to Kyiv.

Yesterday afternoon, the Ukrainian leader went to the meeting of Congress in a joint session, visiting the White House. It was the first daring trip abroad since the beginning of the Russian invasion, by train to Poland, and then by American plane to Washington. During his bilateral summit, Biden promised that “the United States will stand by your people for as long as necessary.” Then he approved a new package of military supplies worth $1.85 billion, which this time also includes Patriot missiles, a missile defense system that the Kremlin fires at civilian targets and infrastructure, hoping to break off aggressors who fail to outrun them. on the battlefield. At stake, however, is another $45 billion in aid to Kyiv, which parliament is currently debating. So Zelensky went to Congress, hoping to loosen the last resistance.

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He did this with a very emotional speech, in which he tried to recount the suffering of his people, and explain what they needed to achieve victory. Despite “Russia’s primitive tactics, against all odds, Ukraine has not fallen, it lives and fights. We will never give up.” This can only happen thanks to “essential support from the United States.” Therefore, I would like to thank the Americans and tell them that the aid given to Kiev is not charity, but an investment in global security and democracy.

Zelensky called Russia a “terrorist state” that could “stop aggression if it wanted to.” He referred to his ten-point peace plan, adding, however, that he did not hope Putin would listen to it. Then he reached out to the Russian people, saying: “They too can be free, but only when they defeat the Kremlin in their minds. The Russian tyranny has lost control of us. The fight continues and we must defeat the Kremlin on the battlefield.” Hence the need for American help: «We have the artillery, thanks. its enough? said the chief, causing some laughter in the courtroom. So he recalled the Battle of the Bulge in 1944, the Battle of Saratoga that marked a turning point in the American Revolution, and quoted Franklin Delano Roosevelt, glorifying his people’s resistance: “The victory of Ukraine will also be the victory of America.” He noted that Putin is now relying on Iranian drones to strike his country, hoping to stir up Republicans more hostile to the ayatollah regime, and warned that the Kremlin’s next targets, if not stopped now, will be other allied countries. with use in Europe.

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And he spoke directly to the hearts of American families, when he remarked that “in a few days it will be Christmas. In Ukraine, we will also celebrate it by candlelight, but not for romance. We don’t have electricity and many of them don’t have water. But we are not complaining. The light of our faith will illuminate Christmas. What we wish now is victory, only victory ».

At that point, Speaker Pelosi gave the battle flag they gave him Tuesday during a visit to Front Bachomet, signed by the soldiers, just as he gave Biden the medal of an artillery captain using the Himars batteries he had sent. From the Pentagon. Pelosi reciprocated with an American flag that he hoisted over Congress yesterday in his honor. Zelensky then concluded his speech by wishing everyone a “Merry Christmas and a Happy, Victorious New Year”.

Yesterday was a nightmare for Putin and, according to CBS, visits to Great Britain, France and Germany could now follow. It was evidence of the failure of the Kremlin’s aggression, which believed it would get rid of Zelensky in one day, and of Russia’s isolation. Now, however, it is necessary for the United States of America and the entire West to confirm support and assistance, so that Ukraine can survive the winter that Moscow uses as a weapon, and win enough on the ground to then sit in a position of strength. at the negotiating table. Yesterday, Biden reaffirmed, “We do not want to fight with Russia or unleash World War III, but rather to save democracy and freedom. We want to put Ukraine in the best position to win when Zelensky decides it’s time to talk to the Russians.”

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