300,000 in Concertone in the Rain. Memory of Lorenzo Barelli – music

300,000 in Concertone in the Rain.  Memory of Lorenzo Barelli – music

Ligabue rock, again in Piazza San Giovanni after 17 years, Tananai’s enthusiasm, Lazza’s engaging force, Emma’s ability to thrill, Francesco Gabbani’s lightness, Mr. Rain’s sweetness. It rained heavily and heavily on the evening of the May Day party in Rome. In the edition dedicated by the unions to the constitution, also with the launch of the hashtag #ildirittochemimanca, in what was feared to be a version of political disputes and attacks on the government, it was like returning to the concert and demanding the rights of workers and women.

Coordinated Sponsor Controversy Just Eat: “The Only Platform With A National Collective Agreement”

Three hundred thousand were present in the square, not discouraged by the rain that did not stop all day. Stewardess Ambra Angiolini, for the sixth time in a row (which is a record), is flanked by Fabrizio Biggio. She remembers getting excited at the opening Lorenzo Barelliaged 18 who died in January 2022, on the last day of the schoolwork rotation.

Lorenzo Barelli’s parents at the Concertone: ‘a very strong emotion’

Still excited, she remembered the kids who don’t feel like superheroes and can’t handle the stress of life. She has long been a spokesperson for (disadvantaged) women’s rights. “Lawyer, engineer, architect. All these vowels at the end of words are, are they going to be weapons of mass distraction? They make us lose sight of the facts and the facts are that one in five women who don’t work after having a child get paid one-fifth less than the man who does.” Same position. Take back the vowels at the end of words, but give us back 20% pay.”

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May 1, Voices of Youth at the Concertone: ‘We don’t want a precarious future’

Among the “talking” interventions on the concert stage was that of the physicist Charles Rovelli, who launched the attack on military spending and on “war equipment vendors” who make instruments of death to “kill each other”. “We are heading towards a war that is increasing, and instead of looking for solutions, countries are challenging each other, invading, fanning the flames of war, and international tension has never reached such a high level as it is now,” the scholar said and then pointed out, without naming him directly, To Defense Minister Guido Crossetto, who was once president of the Confederation of Italian Aeronautics, Defense and Security Companies: “In Italy, the Minister of Defense was very close to one of the largest arms factories in the world, Leonardo.” A little later Ambra steps in to stress that “there is no censorship here. I regret that, since it is not a political debate, when someone is attacked, as in Professor Rovelli’s speech, there must be a debate which was not there.”

The orchestra takes on the burden of baptizing the stage with a revised version of the Italian anthem first and with the ever-present Bella Ciao. In the afternoon, artists such as Aiello, Wayne, Rose Villain, Gaia, Alfa and Baustelle took turns. Highlight of the previous evening with Ligabue who performed Il sale della Terra with a diatribe against the thirst for power “the oldest drug in the world”. “In general, those who have more desire are often, like almost any drug addict, able to do anything in order not to experience withdrawal symptoms. Faced with the overdose of a certain power, the abuses he can do, there is a need for Strength, which is to make your voice heard and not allow anyone, for example, to try to erase your story and rewrite it as they like, and not to allow anyone to try to take away your right to love, of course, always in a consensual way, but to love who you love, however you will, as much whatever you want, and to start the family you love, and perhaps you will be able to support it at a decent salary.” Emma, ​​after a mixture of her successes (Dumb Delight, My Town, Looking for Love, I Am Beautiful), reads a poem by Virginia Woolf, Stay Alive, a dedication to the public and to her recently deceased father. Lazza and Tananai didn’t hold back and sang in the rain. Always sensitive to mental health issues, Mr. Rain wanted to remember on stage Barbara Capovani, the psychiatrist who was murdered in Pisa, before he sang superheroes, while Marie Fury star Matteo Paolello (embroiled in controversy over some rejected photos) Reading a song by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

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