Dana Saber: “I’m Alone” – Big Brother VIP

Dana Saber: “I’m Alone” – Big Brother VIP
Antonella She’s going through a rather complicated situation at home and – having discussed with most of her roommates – the new entrances are a breath of fresh air for her.

The important person immediately approached Danin search of its closeness. Only in his company does Antonella talk about the atmosphere of tension that surrounds her. “They did it for me, it doesn’t look like I acted badly and changed my way of doing things” she says, convinced she did nothing wrong to deserve to be shunned by so many.

“It’s not easy to live for three months.” Convinced that Dana will soon realize the difficulty of this path, adds the former swordsman. “I’m all alone” Dana comments, acknowledging that she already had an idea of ​​her collaborators: “There are people I can relate to, and people I will never get along with.”.

Antonella agrees but invites her to give her time and get to know all of her roommates better before making a judgment. However, Dana explains that few of them paid any attention to her and tried to get to know her. Too bad they don’t come close. Antonella comments, criticizing her roommates.

Of all, it seems Dana was mostly attached to her Luca Onestini: “beautiful” He says with a smile on his lips.

After less than twenty-four hours in the house, it appears Dana has already found some allies: will time prove her right?

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