January 29, 2023

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Un Posto al Sole June 20 2022 Predictions: Rossella speak …

Predictions for the episode Un Posto al Sole that aired June 20, 2022 on Rai 3 reveal that Giordano Sr. has no escape: someone caught him red-handed. Meanwhile, Crovi, ready for anything for Graziani junior, stuns…

In the’episode From place in the sun From Monday 20 June 2022And the Raphaelincreasingly in the scenes of Kamura, seeking shelter from him vera; However, their embrace this time did not go unnoticed. In the meantime, just to restore the heart russellaAnd the Ricardo He makes a choice that will be astonishing… But let’s find out together what you reveal in detail progress subordinate bet who will broadcast the day after tomorrow in 20:45 on me Rai 3.

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Inevitable Raphael in June 20th episode predictions

Rafael has been warned: man, on more than one occasion, He was threatened by members of the Silver Clanwho yearn for revenge Eugene Hence his family. However, the Giordano first He preferred not to mention it, whether to relatives or friends – except for Samuel’s mother – She chose not to give in to the demands of the criminals.

Forecasts of a place in the sun: Rafael and Elvira are arrested …

Now, however, Diego paid the price for paternal courage: The boy was a victim of an accidentAnother and final warning from the terrible lilo Valsano for the man… RaphaelThen there is no other choice, he must bow his head and obey. Now, the opportunity to meet the demands of the Camorra is gone, Ornella’s husband collapses and instinctively takes refuge in Elvira’s arms. Someone, this time, surprises them together.

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Ricciardo leaves Rossella stunned, in episode preview on June 20

Ricardo He had no doubts: his heart took him russellanot from Virginia. Indulging in his passion for her, the doctor succumbed only to a moment of weakness. like him, Kruvi tries to regain his ex-girlfriend’s trustanyway It doesn’t seem to work. I hope I can change her mind, The doctor makes a radical decision

place in the sunthe long-lived Naples series, broadcasts from Monday to Friday in 20:45 on me Rai 3.