Ghislaine’s Three Lives Before the Fall –

From Mathieu Percival

In 1991, at the age of thirty, after her father’s death, she moved to New York at a turning point. Here the encounter with Epstein opens a new chapter in his existence. Until he finds himself convicted of several sexual crimes

Tall, beautiful and rich, heir to a fortune of questionable origins, a brilliant Oxford student, polyglot with three passports, now polyglot due to an impressive series of sex crimes (more similar actions may be on the way). Ghislaine Maxwell, who just turned 60 in prison on Christmas Day, In prison destined to stay for a long time, the last strange chapter of his very strange life.
Jewish father (Robert Maxwell, charismatic self-made man publishing and financing with much of the relations discussed with intelligence), Huguenot’s mother, Entering by birth and wealth in the narrowest and most influential circles of the United Kingdom, a London nightclub queen in the eighties, one girlfriend of Chelsea’s Sloan Ranger looking for wealthy husbands, Ghislaine works with Pap Robert Until his death, mysteriously, in 1991 (he sank not far from his yacht named Lady Ghislaine in honor of his favorite daughter), Alleged suicide you always consider, at least publicly in rare interviews, to be murder.

So in 1991, at the age of thirty, Ghislaine Maxwell’s first life ended with the death of her father And the flight – aboard the Concorde, the nobleman abides – who takes her to New York, her new home.

In New York, she meets the second man in her life after her father. Those who are interested in psychology or simply read the Greek classics cannot fail to note that Ghislaine Maxwell chooses, out of a thousand men, a charismatic figure. A self-made financial man with a lot of relationships discussed with intelligence, Jeffrey Epstein Who within a few years of alternative mathematics at a posh high school in Manhattan (even without a degree, one of the many mysteries) has become a posh financier and super-adviser to an excellent and abundant list of billionaires.

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The Epstein and Maxwell couple became famous instantly: they frequented the rich (Bill Gates, Trump), the nobles (Prince Andrew), the powerful (Bill Clinton), Intellectuals, senior jurists. Photographers are very, slightly inclined to interviews.
In pictures, you always have a little Leonardo’s half-smile, a smirk out of habit Considering that working for Pap Maxwell also takes absolute discretion to make the zigzag between scandals (eg, outdoor employee pension funds vanished).

Epstein Maxwell’s love story ends at some point, but continues to work with him with unclear duties (because Epstein’s relationships with many circles are unclear) but certainly, the fact of the trial tells us, She also works as a girl searcher at Epstein’s many homes – Great Building on the Upper East Side of New York With the legendary pavement heated up even in winter, Palm Beach Villa Where everything happened according to the testimonies of the employees Sixth arrondissement of Paris, the Maxi Stay in the Virgin Islands at Little St James.

Gislan is an invaluable professional collaborator, going beyond the personal relationship, Because he knows how to move in completely different worlds, finance and what was once called jet set, confident in his ways, the English accent of posh school (for Americans it is very impressive) is very different from that of Jeff born and raised in Brooklyn (which has been compared to Oxford Maxwell’s yacht in another galaxy).

She is a billionaire ambassador, and remained so in 2005 when Epstein received a gruesome 13-month prison sentence in Florida for assaulting 36 girls. (Take advantage of the looser prison conditions, thanks to work permits and the benevolence of the guards, so that no one is still able to document the number of nights Epstein spent in prison.)
Since 2006, Maxwell has continued to work with him, but it is difficult to see them together in public: these are the years of patient rebuilding – or rather trying to rebuild – contacts with former friends.

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But since 2015, Ghislaine has disappeared from public events, and has committed to managing cases with her attorney (Virginia Joffrey v. Maxwell in 2015, Sarah Ransom v. Epstein and Maxwell in 2017, and others will follow) who introduced the bill, initially only in civil proceedings because in the United States there is no mandatory trial as we do here. , massages and private parties in the nineties.

Decades of impunity come to an end: Maybe the world has changed (a little bit), maybe someone who protected them from above has stopped doing it. hard to say. Initially located, he was arrested in the summer of 2019 as soon as he got off the plane that brought him back to New York from Paris (a serious mistake by his lawyer) E Found dead in his cell on August 10, officially committed suicide by hanging America’s most famous prisoner, but the blatant neglect of the jailers and the lack of providence for the video images will never stop fueling alternative theories.

A few days later, there was another surreal moment: Maxwell was photographed at a restaurant in Los Angeles, while reading The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Agents, an article about secret agents that fuels all the bad things many have thought about his father and ex-partner for decades (maybe it was just an unfortunate choice, in short). In 2021, it’s up to her. Trial, sentencing and other troubles appear on the horizon. Hemingway wrote: How did I go bankrupt? In two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.

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