Bye Elizabeth 96 shots her cannon. Charles at Buckingham Palace, the crowd cheering him – Europe

Bye Elizabeth 96 shots her cannon.  Charles at Buckingham Palace, the crowd cheering him – Europe

Death bells in London – from St Paul’s Cathedral to Westminster – in memory of Queen Elizabeth, who passed away yesterday after 70 years of rule. This is the sign that is also moving officially Today the official mourning machine, which will follow, 96 volleys cannon – one for every year that Her Majesty the Queen lived – was released from Hyde Park as well as elsewhere in the country by military honor units. Downing Street had previously issued a communication memorandum, on the sidelines of a meeting of the new Conservative government headed by Liz Truss, the “full unity” of the executive branch in support of the new King Charles III. The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will be held on Monday 19 September at Westminster Abbey. US President Joe Biden will also attend.

The solemn funeral 10 days later the farewell stages

Then King Charles came to Buckingham Palace, To formally take the throne inherited from Queen Elizabeth. The new king, dressed in a black mourning suit, greeted the crowd gathered behind the barricades near the entrance and stopped to exchange words and handshakes with several people: receiving smiles, greetings and messages at the same time … condolences.

At Buckingham Palace, the British Prime Minister received Truss for their first meeting.

Charles He will speak to the nation at 17 GMT, 19 in Italy. This is Charles’ eagerly awaited address to the nation as the new King of the United Kingdom. This was announced by the Speaker of the House of Commons on the sidelines of a memorial session in honor of Queen Elizabeth. Charles Until this morning he was watching over the corpse of his mother, Elizabeth. In the British capital, a series of commitments were planned: including its official institutional announcement, a meeting with Prime Minister Liz Truss, and a meeting with the Duke of Norfolk, chief of the court ceremonies, to outline the details of the official celebration of the lost queen. . Carlo’s official announcement is expected tomorrow, with an oath of allegiance to Parliamentarians. While for the official coronation, times will be longer: in a few months, after the mourning phase. Members of the royal family left Balmoral ahead of him, starting with his youngest son Harry.

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According to Mail online only Her two children, Charles and Anna, were at Queen Elizabeth’s bedside when she died yesterday At Balmoral Castle. The closest members of the royal family arrived after the ruler’s death, reportedly in the “afternoon”, a chronological reference to the Anglo-Saxon custom starting from a stroke in the afternoon. The eldest son and the new king, together with the princess, were actually in Scotland already, and thus in the face of a medical condition which accelerated within a few hours, they were able not to miss the appointment. This was not the case for the Queen’s two other children, Andrea and Eduardo, the latter’s wife Sophie and Prince William, who arrived together by car but it was too late. The same is true for Harry’s ‘rebel’ grandson: he was traveling to Scotland when his grandmother’s death was announced.

With the death of Elizabeth II A chapter in history ends. The United Kingdom, the former British Empire and the world bid farewell to the Queen of Records, who died at the age of 96 at the beloved Scottish residence of Balmoral, with her four children and the closest family around her: beginning with the eldest son and heir to the throne Charles, who became king in The age of seventy-three with his second wife Camilla at his side, who was promoted to queen consort.

Liz Truss with Queen Elizabeth

All Queen’s First Shows

George VI’s daughter closed her eyes forever in the year of the Platinum Jubilee, the 70th of an era that began in 1952, and 18 months after the death of her inseparable husband, Philip.. Only on Tuesday did she re-emerge in one last public portrait – so fragile, yet standing and with a calm smile imprinted on her face – to fulfill once again with unrequited devotion her duties as constitutional queen: presiding over the handover between Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, the fourteenth and fifteenth of his reign. Long, it began under the banner of Winston Churchill in Downing Street.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping today also offered his “sincere condolences to the British royal family, government and people” on the death of Queen Elizabeth II.. “On behalf of the Chinese government and people, as well as on his behalf, Xi expressed his deepest condolences,” state broadcaster CCTV said. “His death is a great loss for the British people,” the Chinese head of state said.

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