“I no longer have a life”

“I no longer have a life”

A new graduate, full of expectations for A New jobBut on the first day he discovered that Shift is 8 hours. A situation so unacceptable to her that she felt the need to share her outburst His tears on social mediaExplaining that at this pace he could no longer live a life outside of work. And his video It’s gone viral.

New tiktok function

Brielle Acero is an American TikToker and influencer who speaks out His daily life on his TikTok profileWhich includes more than 130 thousand followers. Shortly after graduating in marketing, the 21-year-old found a job, and she had to move for it.

Upon arriving in New Jersey, the young woman started her new job, but was finished on the first day A discovery that left her stunned to say the leastHis work hours start at 9 a.m. and end at 5 p.m.

Tik Tok video by influencer Brielle Acero, showing the young woman releasing herself after she discovered that her working hours would be 8 hours.

An unthinkable condition for her, which she says would make it impossible for her to do Anything else outside of the job itselfWhich prompted her, upon her return home, to share her frustration with her followers.

Screaming on TikTok

Because of personal work, “it takes me a long time to get there,” Brill said, tears streaming down her face. I don’t have time to do anything. “I want to shower, eat dinner and go to sleep, but everything has become complicated.”

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“I don’t have the energy to exercise, I don’t have time to do anything I’m very nervousShe continued on Tiktok, unable to hide the obvious frustration at the situation she finds herself in.

The fatigue resulting from work and the daily commute from home to the office and vice versa, which takes at least two hours, made the life of the young woman impossible, in her opinion, so much so that the 21-year-old also asked her followers how this could be managed. Combining personal life and daily activities With a job that takes a lot of time.

Viral video

Unexpectedly for the novel’s protagonist, Brill’s video spreads around the world, sparking a spark Feedback from thousands of usersI was completely divided on the topic. If there are those who accuse the young woman of being “spoiled” and “lazy”, on the other hand there are those who sympathize with her, sharing with her the frustration resulting from working hours that are often inappropriate for today’s pace of life. .

Then the same girl returned to the topic: “I don’t understand how my story became Political discussion “When all I was trying to do was start a conversation and respect people.”

“I just wanted to bring together boys and girls who think this way to maybe incite change,” Brill added, concluding her talk by reflecting on the fact that “Generation Z works just as hard as the people before us, with Low wages and high production costs“.

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