Space collision due to SpaceX

New geopolitical conflict between the two powers. This time it is not about earthly events (The Cyber ​​attacks), But a spatial phenomenon. There China Complained to the United Nations to report that there were two satellites Starling SpaceX has endangered the astronauts on board Tiangang Space Station. To avoid conflict, emergency maneuvers were carried out in July and October.

Space collection: Satellites and space stations

Thousands of satellites have been launched in recent years Low Earth Orbit (LEO), most of which belong to the Starling galaxy SpaceX. Therefore the probability of collision with other space objects is increased, as well as debris orbiting the Earth. There Complaint The Chinese government’s letter to the UN Secretary-General accurately mentions two accidents that occurred on July 1 and October 21.

In both cases, the two Starling satellites went very close to the block Tianhe From Tiangang Space Station (Currently under construction), which includes three Chinese astronauts. China points out that the emergency maneuver was carried out in July due to the sudden launch of the Starling-1095 satellite. Changed height At approximately 555 km to 382 km, the Starling-2305 satellite was repeatedly elevated and carried out on October one. Astronomer Jonathan McDowell confirmed the extreme proximity between the satellite and the Chinese space station (about 3 km).

It therefore called on the Chinese government to implement the United Nations Treatment in space (Space contract), Are under individual countries (in this case the United States) Responsible for space operations, Although performed by private companies (such as SpaceX).

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The rules explicitly apply to China as well. The International Space Station must make periodic changes to its orbit to avoid the wreckage of a Chinese satellite that was destroyed in 2007. Some pieces of the Long March 5B rocket used to launch the Tianhe block have been replaced. Fell In the Pacific Ocean.

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