Interface Bonus 90%, good news: the discount saves until 2022!

Interface Bonus 90%, good news: the discount saves until 2022!

the 90% Bonus for the interface back to talk about it. After doing and re-facilitation caused by a draft document Budget Law 2022, This time I’m ready to roll The home renovation bonus is second only to Super Bonus 110%.

The seventh case revolves around Possibility to benefit from interface bonus 90% for unfinished works, but already paid by December 31, 2021, to bring to Completion in 2022.

Location Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) It was clear from the start: About it There is no veto.

From the opposite opinion Campania Regional Directorate of Revenue Agency That’s in response toDecember 7 ruling was the past Removal Possibility to continue to use Bonus interfaces at 90% off In 2022 for i Renovation work started but not finished in 2021 Even if paid in the same year.

After about 10 days Change the cards on the table again. Campania Revenue Agency Turn around by correcting his position e In line with the intentions of the Ministry of Economy and financing.

But let’s see right away Bonus for all tax changes on interfaces 90% Until the latest updates on this topic.

More information about the news regarding the 90% bonus for interfaces can be found in the video guide updated on December 11, 2021 at Carlo Pagliai’s YouTube channel.

No facade bonus 90% for work to be completed in 2022: Campania Revenue Agency position.

Before delving into definitively the decisions made by the Revenue Agency Campania on the use or non-use cases of the 90% interface bonus in 2022, it is necessary Starting from the original.

entity with Reply to Judgment No. 914-1430 / 2021 Taking by surprise the construction sector experts and Italian citizens, he clarified his position on home facilities.

Specifically, in compliance with the new provisions I introduced Anti-Fraud Decree (DL. 157/2021)And Denied the possibility of benefiting from a 90% discount to me Works completed and paid for after December 31, 2021 Without a certificate of conformity.

In other words, it was accepted Access to interface bonus of 90% only for expenses incurred by the end of 2021, to restructure interventions Completed on the same date and with amatch pieces.

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Therefore, there is no possibility to use the 90% interface bonus for works that will be completed in 2022 even if it is paid by the end of the current year.

This is the positionCampania Revenue Agency is in disagreement with the position declared by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

Interface Bonus 90%: Jobs and Discount Saved in 2022! The Revenue Agency changes everything

decision that Campania Regional Directorate of Revenue Agency Duration less than 10 days.

The entity reversed its position Intervenes again in response to a Ruling (No. 914-1549 / 2021) Last December 16, he joined the Ministry of Economy and Finance, i.e. Confirming the ability to continue using Bonus interfaces with 90% off because I am Paid business until December 31, 2021 although Not completed on the same date But it is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

considered dExplanations given to an apartment building Who asked the revenue agency for support illustrations About the possibility of it Benefit from the 90% Facade Bonus on all renovations already started and not only on interventions that were completed by December 31, 2021.

Specifically, the Answer No. 46 dated October 22, 2018 in which it was decided to be acceptedFor 90% interface bonus (in his full tax deduction), is Irrelevant start or end date of renovation work. The only deadline to be respected is related to Expenses to be paid by bank transfer.

Ago Budget Law 2021 allowed to use 90% Bonus for the interface With full tax deduction, it is necessary Pay the expenses backed andAt the end of the same year and that’s me At least the renovations have started.

for a better understanding, However, the renovation work may be completed in 2022, And expenses you have to pay By December 31, 2021, before applying the provisions stipulated in the Budget Law 2022 that has not yet been ratified, i.e. cutting the discount from 60% scholarship.

Interface Bonus 90%: This is the latest from the Revenue Agency about the discount

Entering the advantages Answer No. 914-1549 / 2021 Submitted by the Campania Regional Directorate of the Revenue Agency Further explanations must be provided About the possibility of benefiting from 90% Facades Bonus full formula.

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probability for Housing units to continue to use it Additional interfaces For the total costs incurred in 2021 related to the renovation of the exterior facades of buildings visible from the street, Started but not completed on December 31, 2021, to be confirmed if the payment of the expenses, by the persons responsible for the work or by the condominium itself, for 10% share of the amount remaining after the discount is applied to the invoice Come Payment by the end of 2021, regardless of whether you Jobs completed or not.

To be more clear, the Turnaround managed by the Revenue Agency The bell on the 90% interface bonus guarantees a discount for Expenses incurred in full in 2021And Even if the business is not finished But it will be in 2022.

Similarly, if you provide 10% payment of the resulting amount after the discount is applied to the invoice by December 31, 2021.

all of this Regardless of the status of business completion Planned restructuring.

Interfaces bonus 90%: work in 2022 and pay on December 31. A sworn statement does not change anything.

A summary of the above, the General Directorate of the Revenue Campania Foundation does nothing but withdraw the initial position it had taken with Reply to Interrogation No. 914-1430 / 2021 of December 7, 2021And In line with the sign Already revealed before The Ministry of Economy and Finance During the questions held on October 20 in the Finance Committee.

Therefore, the rule for awarding the interface bonus 90% falls only on invoices paid by December 31, 2021, for work performed on the same date on which the certificate of conformity was obtained.

Muna New clarifications provided by the Ministry of Economy and Finance About the possibility to take advantage of the 90% discount of the interface bonus in specific cases, held on October 20, taking opposite position byCampania Revenue Agency Arrived on December 7, to serve as a turning point is Anti-Fraud Decree (DL 157/2021) which has The work of restructuring bonuses is complex a house.

how? made sPresentationAffirmation of price fairness In cases where the Facciate Bonus is used as an invoice deduction and credit transfer.

Proceeding from these innovations, at first glance, The Provincial Revenue Agency has taken a different path From that beating by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and then Shuffle the cards again Just under 10 days later.

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all of that Hey don’t bring a little confusion About 90% Facades Bonus can also be used in the formula currently in force.

but after, It was enough to stick to what was stated in Circular no. 16 from 29 November 2021 Regarding the adequacy of costs.

The same explains it for All the house rewards, to andSuper Bonus 110% ExceptionAnd Certificate, is mandatory to allocate credit or debit to the invoice, it can be Released regardless of progress Announcing the completion of the work.

specify that the anti-fraud decree is intended to prevent attempts to use the advantages of the house, including the facade bonus by 90%, and that subsidized expenditures for the implementation of renovations are justified only in connection with their implementation, Affirmation of cost adequacy is also required for interventions that have already begun and will end in 2022.

Briefly, Obligation to certify the adequacy of expenditures He must also be respected for Works are accepted in the interface reward 90% even if they are not completed before the end of the year.

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