Covid Messina. the professor. Capote: “Science begets knowledge and ignorance of opinion” – Tempo Stretto

Conference at Mandalari Health Castle

A masterful lesson full of food for thought and content onThe adventurous life of an ordinary pharmacist: 50 years (1971-2021) of advances in drug therapies, from stomach ulcers to Covid-19Professor. Achille Patrizio Capote, Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Messina in Radio Camelot Studies at Mandalari Health Centre.

The event promoted by Dr. Adv. Matteo Alon, President of the Camelot Day Center in collaboration with the Observatory of Evolutionary and Cognitive Anthropology Archetipi e Territorio, conducted it on the radio. Silvana Paratur who stressed the importance of science and progress in the pharmaceutical field.

Qualification of Dr. Marco Zira is director of the Mental Health Management Unit at the University of California Messina North Asp in Messina who recalled the role the professor had played over the years. Caputi at the University of Messina and at the Faculty of Pharmacy. Anecdotes are invoked about the student’s tenure and the ability of the Honorary in Pharmacology to establish a school and professionals who have established themselves in important facts of the world.

To send greetings on behalf of the Messina Covid Emergency Office, Dr. Alicia Conte intervened and focused on the office’s commitment to protecting citizens’ right to health, noting the training meetings promoted in Messina boarding schools aimed at providing correct information to gain confidence in science.

road, road d. Caputi, which leaves indelible traces in the field of knowledge, one of the last medical schools of our time is what was strongly confirmed by the neurologist Giuseppe Minto. Those who had the privilege of meeting him became – as concluded by the head of the Archetipi e Territorio Observatory – the custodian of a cultural heritage of enormous scientific and human importance.

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After the intervention of Dr. Matthew Alon in charge of Camelot Day Center who explained how Camelot Radio aims to create a lively and active atmosphere, providing real and authentic information with guests and qualified professionals. Alon added that the current historical moment is characterized by fear, doubt, confidence, fear and terror and is necessary to ensure proper knowledge and awareness to contain what is happening on an emotional level.

Intensification of the lecture by a. Achille Patrizio Caputi who traces the historical journey of scientific advances in pharmacology over the past 50 years. Curiosity sparked a re-enactment of his career that began at the University of Naples: life began in textbooks. said Hippocrates, Professor. Capote says there are only two things: science and opinion. Science begets knowledge and opinion begets ignorance. And this exact sentence, confirmed by the emeritus professor of pharmacology, was the guide of his life: a journey that started from data and data comparison because it only generates knowledge. Examination of the human genome is underway and replays the stages of the current pandemic that began at the end of 2019 when an unknown and highly contagious virus emerged in China, causing severe pneumonia in humans that requires intensive care. Aspects of vaccines have been identified and virus variants explained.

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