February 6, 2023

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Is Barbara Dors exaggerating? What he did to Solly Sorge…

Barbara Dorso’s recent statements about Solly Sorge did not appeal to most of the audience. In fact, the woman once again caused quite a stir as she…

After seeing her at work al Big Brother VIPBarbara Dorso decided to hire Solly Surge in one of her programs, more precisely, Bubba and Nerdy.

The presenter seems to have appreciated the young woman very much influential In fact, he spent it on her recently beautiful words.

As reported by ThePipolGossip, the presenter indulged in long praise towards ex-Jivina during Alessandro Noumelini Awards 2022, The Italian-American is praised for her television career. However, his words were not appreciated by everyone.

Barbara Dorso: Controversy over words on Sulli

Does Barbara D & # 8217;  Urso overpay?  What did he do to Sully Sorge & # 8230;

waiting for it Soleil rise Take part in your new adventure in Big Brother Vip Party, Who will he deal with next season? Pierpaolo Pritelli, Soleil Sorge was recently praised by Barbara Dorso. However, the presenter made several noses that show …

Glad My Creature is doing so well road.

In fact, Dorso said, saying that she is proud of her The student Then he ran to hug her during the awards ceremony Alessandro Noumelini Awards.

According to the public, however, Naples will not have the right to consider he goes up one of his creatures. In fact, Sulli made himself known on TV in 2017, When I participated as an addressee men and women. After being chosen by the former tronista, the girl closed with him living in older brother, When the boy has been one of the contestants since then, he has participated often TV Shows and Reality.

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For La pupa e il nerd 2022, as mentioned earlier, he was chosen only after venturing into the most spying house in Italy! In short, Barbara has it I accepted only after a series of successes …