Charlene from Monaco takes revenge on Albert after humiliation

Charlene from Monaco takes revenge on Albert after humiliation

Charlene of Monaco is ready to punish Albert After he concealed from her the secret meeting in New York with his sons Jasmine Grace and Alexander. At least this is what sources close to the couple claim, and soon it was covered by the French media.

Charlene of Monaco, take revenge on Albert

Charlene Monaco She has a gun to bring her husband Alberto to his kneesNot to participate in the National Day of Monte Carlo, next November 19. Last year, the princess was not present because she was still very weak due to a serious infection that had infected her nose, throat and ears. Then she was replaced by Caroline of Monaco, who played the first lady during the illness of her sister-in-law. Nicole Coast, Alberto’s ex-wife and mother of his son Alexander, also took advantage of his absence, appearing close to the Grimaldis family, although there were doubts about his calling.

2022 was a celebration of Charlene’s return for such an important event that brings the entire princely family together, in a face-to-face encounter between the women of the palace who usually keep a safe distance. Due to the importance of party, party, The presence of Alberto’s wife is essential, as it shows that things are going well between the spouses, and to give a sense of stability to the ruling family. In fact, Charlene’s absence greatly weakened Alberto’s power last year.

Charlene from Monaco was humiliated in New York

Therefore, the princess realizes how her role is the key to her husband’s prestige and for this, if she is humiliated, she knows how to beat and hurt him. Charlene’s revenge will begin From Alberto’s meeting in New York with his sons Jasmine and Alexander, which was for the prince with two of his former brothers. The first, born in 1992 from a relationship between the Prince and Tamara RotoloShe lives in the United States, is an actress, influencer, and looks a lot like Grandma Grace Kelly. Second, born in 2003 from the courtship between Alberto and Nicole Coast He lives in France and his mother tries to introduce him to the palace.

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Alberto and Charlene were in New York for the Princess Grace Awards Ceremony, Where the princess wore a priceless pink diamond. Taking advantage of that trip, Prince decided to meet his kids who were also in the Big Apple. The family reunion would have been kept a secret if Alberto’s former adventurer Nicole Costi hadn’t posted a picture of them all smiling together at a club.

Charlene of Monaco, in revenge for former Alberto

Although Charlene was with him, she was not present at the meeting. At first it was believed that she was the one who did not want to participate due to some prejudice towards her husband’s children. His zeal is really well known. But it seems that there is more behind this absence.

It seems that Charlene was unaware of her husband’s appointment which would have been kept completely a secret, even to her. But the usual Nicole Coast ruined everything with this Instagram photo that probably sent the princess on a rampage, whether because of her husband He didn’t tell her anything Conversely, Nicole knew everything.

It was the humiliation that her husband had suffered that would infuriate Charlene. On other occasions, Coast has provoked the princess, such as in 2021 when she gave a scathing interview to Paris Match. A friend of Charlene was going to be captured deer: “Everyone knows that such a bomb can only be launched with the consent of the palace, even if tacitly.” The scandal was such that Alberto had to step in to say he didn’t know anything about that interview.

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Charlene of Monaco, Albert’s penalty

It may also have gone this way in the case of the photo with the kids on Instagram. But the truth is that he will now have to explain what happened to Charlene who can punish him for not attending the National Day of Monaco.

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